Agoda Affiliate Program Review

On this review post I will evaluate and share my experiences about the Agoda affiliate program, and hopefuly help you to decide whether you should join it

Let’s check the Agoda affiliate program, a great option for bloggers on the tourism niche mostly focused in Asia, but not exclusively

agoda affiliate program

Hong Kong by Elena G – a good place to spend your affiliate earnings

Agoda is one of the biggest travel companies from Asia and is based in Singapore. It was founded in 2007 in Thailand and is now part of the Priceline Group. This group owns a number of important travel related websites internationally.

The is a hotel booking website with currently more than 825.000 vacation rentals and hotels worldwide. As an affiliate you can be part of this thriving company in one of the most competitive online business niches.

To be part of the Agoda affiliate program you must have a complete website with decent content on it. I wouldn’t apply for the Agoda affiliate program, or any program with less than 10 posts. Each post should have at least 300-400 words in it to decrease the chances of being rejected.

The Agoda affiliate commission structure is quite generous, sharing 35% of their revenue with the publisher, and this is the lowest level. As you get more bookings per month, your commission scales may grow to up to 60%

Agoda Affiliate: Pros

Time Based Cookies: Agoda affiliate cookies are time based. This gives you a larger time window to convert sales, as opposed to some other big hotel affiliates that only convert sessions.

Good Integration Options: Any publisher has a decent amount of options to implement on their website provided by Agoda. Agoda provides a XML file with all their hotel data, which can save time depending on your aspirations.

Agoda Affiliate: Cons

Even if Agoda is very popular, the website has a much wider audience in non-English speaking countries. If you check the Alexa rank for the countries where it has the best rank are South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and also Malaysia. Apart from Malaysia, there are a rather low number internet users who search for hotel related subjects in English in these countries.

Other than that, a fact that is relevant is that the hotel niche is extremely competitive. You will need a very solid number of unique visitors to achieve a decent revenue from this affiliate segment.

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