belboon Affiliate Program Review

In this review we will analyze the belboon affiliate network, the programs it offers, and whether it is a good option for your website

The belboon affiliate network can be an excellent solution, mainly if you want to promote European companies on your website or blog.

belboon affiliate network

The belboon affiliate network might be a great option depending on your website niche. We will analyze the key aspects of their programs, including their payment methods.

belboon Affiliate: Overview

Many affiliate marketers might not know the belboon network, as it’s certainly less well know then the Ebay Partner Network ow Belboon is, however, one of 3 biggest affiliate networks in Germany, so one should definitely consider their program, depending on your niche.

This network offers monetization opportunities not only for website only, but also for mobile app developers. With their wide range of programs, you can find one to channel your traffic, in virtually any segment.

Their website is available in English, German, French and Spanish. This shows that this network works mostly with European advertisers. However, they are expanding, and you are free to apply regardless of your country of residence.

belboon Affiliate: Programs

This affiliate network has partner programs in most niches, including travel, finance, internet and online shopping. You will have to apply for each program of interest individually, once you have been accept in the belboon network.

From the dashboard, most programs are still focused on German traffic. There also a variety of programs if you have English speaking visitors.

belboon Affiliate: Getting Accepted and Requirements

The application for the belboon affiliate program is pretty straightforward. They approve new publishers pretty fast, but I recommend you to have a decent website to support application. Affiliate networks often reject applicants for thin content.

I would always recommend applying for a program with 15 posts at least, if you have a WordPress site.

belboon Affiliate: Dashboard

The belboon affiliate dashboard for publishers is pretty simple. You will find all the required tools on the left size sidebar, including reports and account details.

Once you have been approved to a program, you can access the item “My Partner Programs” from the “Partner” tab. Once a program selected, you can click on AdMedia to implement deep links or banners on your website.

belboon Affiliate: Payments

The belboon affiliate network pays via bank transfer, regardless of your bank account country. There is however, a minimum of 25 € euros that your account should have before they can send you a payment.

You should check with your bank for transfer costs, in order to avoid paying hefty fees for small amounts. You can choose your minimum payment sum (min. € 25), which might be beneficial in some cases due to bank fees.

belboon Affiliate: How to join?

You can click here to join the belboon affiliate-network .

After you apply you will have to wait some days for your application to be manually approved, and then start generating income from belboon affiliate programs.

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