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Let’s analyze the Affiliate Program on this review to earn money in the hotel niche, one of the most competitive niches in affiliate marketing

If you are in the tourism niche, the affiliate program can be a great option to complement your website income and content. Check below how to apply to one of the best affiliate programs in the tourism niche. affiliate review

Hotel by screenpunk

Almost everybody likes to travel, and most people who are into affiliate marketing have considered, at least once to earn money with air tickets, hotel rooms and tours. is the biggest hotel booking website in the world and is one of the top 200 most visited sites in the world.

There is one good and one bad news to this. The good one is that has an affiliate program which is relatively easy to get accept, but the bad news is that the hotel niche is extremely saturated. Before we analyse affiliate program itself, I will give a brief introduction to the hotel niche.

How Competitive is the Hotel Niche

The hotel niche is extremely competitive. It is perhaps the most competitive among all niches and there are a few reasons behind that:

Consumer Spending: Bookings and tickets are among the niches with the highest spending per user. Almost anyone who can travels, and travel items are not necessarily cheap. Many people travel not because they want to but for business or work reasons, online booking was a revolution in the industry.

Keyword Competition: Keywords in the tourism sector change very seldom. Events might play a role but as an example, the keyword “hotel in Paris” is unlikely to change, and very few things can be done about it, as Paris will stay in the same place as it has been for the past centuries and it’s unlikely that it will change its name.

Paid Ads: Unlike other niches, if you search for the keyword “hotel” + “any city” most of the results will be paid ones, sometimes even the whole screen will be comprised of paid ads.

Can you Succeed on the Hotel Niche even With this Scenario?

Yes, there are many things that can be done to overcome the difficulties and beat the competition. For example, the Hotel niche is pretty saturated in English, but not as much in other languages. The website called brings information in Finnish for Finnish speakers willing to visit Tallinn in Estonia. Tallinn is pretty close to Finland, Finns love it, and there is not much information about Tallinn in Finnish. This way, the webmaster managed a good way to get some traffic, and eventually get bookings. It’s Alexa Rank is around 5000 for Finland, pretty good.

After this short overview, let’s check the main points of the affiliate program. Affiliate Program Review

It doesn’t take much for anyone to get accepted on this program, but you need to have at least a basic website with genuine content before applying, this way you will avoid getting rejected. Once accepted, you have a lot of options, and I would recommend using deep links to start your journey as a affiliate. You can also use their Widget, ideal for WordPress.

If your affiliate membership is performing well, you might request to use their API. They guarantee an answer at max 5 working days for queries in English.

The commissions are quite good starting at 25% of the commission they get and going up. The grow as  the amount of bookings you generate increase.

The biggest negative point about affiliate program is that their cookies last just for the session, and mostly tourists like to think for a while as they plan their trips.

Apart from that, what I really like about affiliate program is that they offer payment via wire transfer or PayPal. It is certainly easy for you to receive your funds in most locations.


I recommend the hotel niche for people with experience in affiliate marketing. It is also important to have consistent traffic, to be able to convert your viewership in confirmed bookings.

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