How to Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum Without Verification

Learn how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum without verification in this post explaining the best exchanges which do not require ID or other documents to purchase digital currencies

Do you want to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum without verification? Below we have a list explaining how to open an account in exchanges which require no ID or other documents to acquire cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum anonymously.

buy bitcoin ethereum without verification

Is it possible to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum without verification and anonymously?

Yes, it is possible to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum without verification and also with no ID. It is also possible to buy it anonymously, however this is slightly harder.

Many exchanges allow you to buy bitcoin anonymously without sending a lot of documents. Most of them are open to this option for payments with credit or debit card. It is possible to buy bitcoin via bank transfer and other methods without verification.

Before we get to the explain each and one of the options, let’s understand a little bit more about buying digital currencies. Below this brief explanation, you will find a step by step guide to buy bitcoin without verification from our exchanges list.

Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you are new to digital currencies and you are looking for a reliable way to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum you probably have noticed that most exchanges require some sort of verification.

While most will require at least a passport or ID photo, the requirements usually change from exchange to exchange. Many sites also require a proof of residency, and sometimes even a selfie.

But why do exchanges require verification?

There is a number of reasons that explain why most bitcoin and other digital currencies require verification, and these are the main ones:

Jurisdiction requirements: depending on where the exchange is based, they are required by law to request and store personal data of their users. That is usually needed to avoid money laundry and other suspicious activities.

Fraud prevention: this is probably the main reason why exchanges require verification. Avoiding credit card fraud is a top concern among exchanges, and verification reduces the risk of fraud for exchanges.

Security: unlike credit card purchases, which can be charged back, that is not the case with digital currencies. If a coin is sent to another wallet without authorization, it is very unlikely to recover it. Verification and other security measures help exchanges to protect their servers and also your individual wallet.

Now that we know why exchanges often require verification, we can analyze our options below.

Buying Bitcoins Without Verification and ID

Now let’s get to our options. It is important to stress that every company has their own criteria for accepting new customers. While some will not require any typ of verification, others will require just a card verification, but no ID, documents or scans.

In many cases you can only buy digital currencies without verification for small purchases.


Coinmama is one of my favorite places to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. This exchange allows credit and debit card purchases of Bitcoin and Ethereum without verification. However, this option is just available for purchases up to $150 dollars. Above this amount, you must go through the verification process.

Opening an account on Coinmama and getting your Bitcoins is quite easy, and the process itself is also fast.

Firstly, visit and open your account

Once your account is set, all you need to do is write your personal details, in order to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum up to 150$ without verification.

After $150 you will need to send a photo of your document to unlock the next verification level, which allows purchases of up to 10,000 USD.

Click here to visit Coinmama website


LocalBitcoins is the most popular p2p bitcoin exchange in the world. In Localbitcoins, you can buy and sell Bitcoins from the users registered at LocalBitcoin.

As you can see below, at LocalBitcoins you can select a country and see users willing to buy and sell bitcoins in your geographical area.

localbitcoins no verification

You don’t need any verification from LocalBitcoins to open an account. You can however verify your phone number, or real name and your documents, but it is not mandatory to buy and sell bitcoins at LocalBitcoins.

It is important to stress that the users selling Bitcoins are the ones who decide about the verification requirements. While some users selling Bitcoins might require no verification at all, others may even ask for a selfie.

LocalBitcoins is also a good option if you don’t want to buy bitcoins with a card. Many users offer bank transfers, Western Union, gift cards and even cash for bitcoins.

Click here to go to LocalBitcoins website


BuySomeBitcoins is one of the newest and easiest ways to buy Bitcoins with no ID or verification.

At BuySomeBitcoins you can use credit and debit cards for the purchase of bitcoins. Gift cards are also accepted. Even if there is no ID verification, you will need a valid phone number to buy bitcoins at BuySomeBitcoins.

Its important to mention that even if verification is not mandatory, you can get cheaper rates if you verify your account at BuySomeBitcoins.

Click here to visit BuySomeBitcoins website


IndaCoin allows you to buy Bitcoin with no ID verifications. However you will still have to verify your card, but that does not involve sending photos or scans. Once you verify your card you can start purchasing bitcoins on IndaCoin and gradually your limits become higher.

IndaCoin has a great support, but its prices are quite high, which I consider a premium for not needing verification. You can read our IndaCoin review here to learn how to use this platform.

Click here to visit IndaCoin website


Bitit is another option for anyone willing to buy bitcoins instantly and without any verification. This exchange is especially a good option if you live in Europe.

bitit open account

Even if its possible to buy Bitcoin without verification at Bitit, the maximum amount is low. You can only buy up to € 25 without verification. Purchases above this value require verification.

Click here to visit Bitit website

Is it better to buy Bitcoins without verification?

My personal opinion is that, it depends on some factors. Most exchanges require some sort of verification, but it the degrees of verification are also variable.

I would recommend avoiding exchanges that require too much documents and selfies, but asking for a passport seems pretty reasonable. Once you have an exchange of your choice and you have successfully made purchases using it, it might be a good idea to verify your account. This usually guarantees higher limits and often lower fees.

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