How to Earn More with your Youtube Videos

Earning with youtube is something that most of us have already thought about, but how to to actually earn more with your youtube videos

Have you ever considered a career in vlogging, or try to make your musician career to skyrocket on youtube videos? Once you have uploaded quite a few videos you probably got disappointed with the number of views. And that also includes the revenue you are getting from it.

Here we will analyse some techniques that I have used through the years on my YouTube experiments as expose what has worked for me so far.

I will breakdown the techniques and explain one by one how it should be used started from the lowest important thing you should consider on your youtube videos, to the one with the highest importance:

Video Structure

Video Title: There is no doubt that the video title is one of the most important things one should consider when uploading a video. While some users consider that it is important to determine an appealing file name, even before uploading, I would only recommend choosing a relevant and enticing title as you upload the video.

A dedicated research using Google Keyword Tool should be used to select keywords which have a high number of monthly queries, and at the same time, a low competition. This is crucial to determine how often YouTube will let your video appear on search or in related videos for prospective viewers.

A video title like “Car driving along the Road” will rank much worse than “Toyota Corolla 2012 driving on a wet Road en-route to Aspen, Colorado on a rainy autumn afternoon”

Description: In my opinion, the first two lines of a video are the most important, as they are another important opportunity for your to select and display your keywords. You should however write a description much beyond that, explaining in high detail and using different keywords to attract more viewers and let the YouTube algorithm have more reasons to display your videos on the related videos session.

This is the example of a well written description:

Video Details

Video Theme and Language: This is something critical and controversial, and it is very seldom discussed. YouTube videos display ads most often to content it judges useful for the user. It is very unlikely that it will play an ad in Indonesian for a viewer in Iceland. The highest paying ads are for English speaking audiences (considering the wide spread use of English with high GDP of the main English speaking countries). You should try to create content in English, to be able to get the highest paying ads being displayed on your videos.

The same logic works for themes, if your channel is about expensive watches or other subjects were ads are expensive. You can earn much more with YouTube than if your channel is about cute cats and babies.

But, obviously, the competition is multiple times higher for content in English than it is for any other language. Perhaps combining your English content, but having videos in other languages will probably help you to grow your audience.

Increasing your Presence

Video Quantity: Having an insanely high number of uploaded videos is probably better than a less significant number. However, you must maintain a minimum level of quality in your videos to retain audience. Big channels and famous YouTubers post very frequently, with some channels posting multiple times a day. It becomes a very lucrative game as since their subscribers base is so high. Even a silly video of their daily routine gathers hundreds of thousands of views.

Check out the number of videos of this Brazilian youtuber.

Copyright: Don’t try to repost content which is not yours, YouTube has an automatic recognition system called Content ID. It is so harsh, that at times, even when I genuinely uploaded created by me, YouTube Content ID indicated it as someone’s else. Even if a Content ID notification will not get you out of the game, there is no reason for taking risks.


The information above will help you to improve the rankings and the viewership of your YouTube channel but that doesn’t necessarily mean that following those steps you will have a solid income from YouTube. Below there are some other strategies to be considered, this time to convert your audience in improved income:

Monetize beyond Adsense: Even if Adsense is the most obvious way to earn money on youtube, you should try, with all your means but respecting youtube TOS. You should also engage your audience, click links on your description that will lead them to generate different streams of income. For example, you can easily combine your YouTube videos to send users to your Patreon, or to your Twitch, services where they will be more like to make you a donation.

Running a Website with Youtube

A Website: Even if it’s quite difficult to lead YouTube audience, try to do so within your means. If you have a vlog, you can talk about your website and what kind of things you have there that can be purchased (courses, products). You should try to bring them to your website, where you will have affiliate links for example.

Consulting Services: I have seen a number of YouTube channels offering consulting services on subjects ranging from life coaching to do visa runs in Thailand. If your content is genuine and interesting, you will get a lot of questions on the subject of your videos.

While some simple questions can be quickly answered in the comments section, others may not. You can leave your email and website on the description and explain about your consulting services. If the viewer is genuinely interested on the information you may provided, he will be very likely to pay good amounts of money for your consultancy.


Make a living entirely out of Youtube is possible, yet is extremely difficult. I always stress that diversification is the safest way to approach internet business. Any internet successful business can appear and disappear overnight. Therefore, having a diversified portfolio of income streams (including youtube) will help certainly you. It will allow you to attain some level of stability regardless of how the internet trends move.

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