EXMO Review: Digital Currency Exchange – Legit or Scam?

EXMO Review: In this post we will analyze the main aspects of the EXMO coin exchange platform, including payment methods and digital currencies available

Learn more in this EXMO review about one of the most popular exchange platforms for bitcoin and other digital currencies. Is EXMO safe? let’s analyze all the details below.

exmo review

EXMO is one of the oldest bitcoin and alt coins in operation. Below we will explain more about its main aspects, including its verification process, payment options and fee structure.

EXMO Overview

EXMO might be a good option if you are willing to buy bitcoin and other alt coins. The company is registered in the UK according to its website and has more than 400,000 users.

The company is pretty versatile overall, especially when it comes to payment methods. It offers more funding and withdrawing options than most digital currencies exchanges.

EXMO has users worldwide, but it is notably popular in European countries such as Germany, Ukraine and Russia.

EXMO – Payment Methods

As mentioned above, the payment methods to fund your digital wallet are extremely important when choosing a broker. For many reasons you might prefer one or other option to get your coins, and in many cases, you might not have many options depending on the country where you live.

The good news is that EXMO has multiple funding and withdrawing options, which is definitely one of the highlights about this company.

The funding options at EXMO will depend on which currency you want to deposit or withdrawal your funds. Currently EXMO accepts deposit in the following fiat currencies EUR, USD, RUB and UAH.  Otherwise, you can also deposit directly with digital currencies, if you have already bitcoins or alt coins.

EXMO accepts the following payment methods: Money Polo, AdvCash, Payeer, Perfect Money, OKPAY. It also offers SEPA bank transfer for EUR deposits, bank transfers in Russia, and Visa / MasterCard cards for funding in UAH.

The options are really numerous, and you can check all of the current ones here.

You also have a number of options to withdraw your funds from you EXMO wallet. The options depend on the currency you are withdrawing, but include among other PayPal for withdraws in USD (among other options) and credit or debit cards for most currencies.

Click here to open an account at EXMO.

EXMO – Fees

The fee structure is perhaps the main aspect while choosing a place to buy and trade bitcoin or other crypto currencies. The fee structure at EXMO is rather complex, and depends on which funding and withdrawing option you choose.

Fees vary from 2% to 5% for most funding methods available. Bank transfer have fixed rates for the currencies where available.

EXMO – Other Cryptocurrencies

Other of the advantages regarding EXMO is the possibility of buying and trading more digita currencies than in most of exchanges. Currently you can trade the following currencies at EXMO: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and DASH.

Click here to buy Bitcoin at EXMO.

Click here to buy Ethereum at EXMO.

EXMO – Verification

Privacy is one of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrencies. The verification requirements depend from exchange to exchange and the legal structure from their jurisdictions.

At EXMO, you will be required to verify your account to fund and withdraw your wallet with fiat currencies. The verification process is rather simple, but you will be required to finish its three steps to fund and deposit your wallet. The only exception to this is if you want to fund and withraw digital currencies, in this case, no verification is needed.

You will need to verify your identity and your address to verify your account at EXMO. You will also be required to print an agreement, read it, sign it and send it back scanned to EXMO.

exmo verification

The verification process is done quite quickly, and you have a few options of documents to use to verify your identity and address.

How to Open an Account at EXMO

You can instantly open a bank account at EXMO, and all you need is an email address. However, you will need to verify your account to fund it with fiat currencies as explained above.

In terms of security you have a few options to make sure your account is safe. You can select a list of trusted IPs to connect to your account, as well as 2 factor authentication from Google or via SMS.

Click here to open an account at EXMO

EXMO – Support

One of the most important factors to consider in an exchange is their support and how efficient it is. If you have a problem with your wallet you know how frustrating it can be to wait.

exmo support

EXMO support has a ticket system, but also an online chat available in English and Russian. Alternatively, it also has a phone number, which is a good advantage. Its support is certainly one of the highlights in our EXMO review.


  • Multiple payment and withdrawing methods.
  • Good options to secure your account and a reliable support including online chat and phone number.
  • Multiple digital currencies available including Dogecoin.


  • Credit card and debit card funding available only for some currencies.
  • Bank deposit is also available for some currencies.
  • Verification is required for any funding or withdrawing of fiat currencies.

EXMO Verdict – Legit or Scam?

EXMO is a established company registered in the UK and with a overall decent reputation online. As far as their EXMO review can analyze, EXMO seems legit and not a scam.

EXMO – Alternatives

If you considering trading bitcoins but would like to check other alternatives, this list below is just what you need.


CEX.IO is one of the biggest digital currency exchanges, based in Europe. You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum at CEX.IO using credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfers.

Click here to check how to buy bitcoins at CEX.IO


HitBTC is another exchange to be considered when you are looking for digital currencies. The biggest advantage of HitBTC is that it has a very wide range of cryptocurrencies to buy and trade. HitBTC offers the mainstream currrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but also less known currencies with great potential for growth.

Click here to check how to buy digital currencies at HitBTC


YoBit is one of the biggest exchanges for those willing to trade alt coins. It has one of the biggest selection of digital currenies among the main exchanges.

Click here to check how to buy bitcoins at YoBit


Coinbase is the largest bitcoin exchange in the world. It has a simple system to buy and sell bitcoins and you can also use a credit card, just like in CEX.IO. The disadvantage of Coinbase is that it is available for much less countries than CEX.IO.

Click here to check how to buy bitcoins at Coinbase


One of the most popular websites to buy Bitcoin.

Click here to open an account at BitQuick.co

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Description: EXMO Review: In this post we will analyze the main aspects of the EXMO coin exchange platform, including payment methods and digital currencies available

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