Are Facebook Ads Worth it?

This post will evaluate some marketing strategies for your online business to help you find the answer for the question: Are facebook ads worth it?

Are facebook ads worth it? If you are thinking about investing on Facebook Ads, check this post below to avoid a few basic mistakes

are facebook ads worth it

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Promoting your online business can be a quite complicated experience, especially if you don’t have a IT marketing background. On this post we will analyze Facebook ads and help to understand when and if you should use them to promote your business.

Promoting your Business Online with Facebook Ads

In some business niches, social traffic is vital for your success and Facebook is still the most used social media tool. You probably have noticed posts marked as Sponsored on your facebook feed, and they are the ones created and paid using Facebook Ads, to target an specific audience that should be interested on the offer displayed on the ad.

There are mixed opinions on whether Facebook ads are an effective tool to attract traffic to your blog, so I will list some of the pros and cons of using Facebook ads according to my experience:

Facebook Ads Pros

Geotargeted ads: You can easily select to which countries you want to target your ads. That is a strongly favorable point for Facebook ads. I tend to select countries where individuals have higher purchasing power like the US, Switzerland, Australia, etc. The higher is the purchasing power, the lesser will be the number of impressions you will get for an specific amount of money.

Interest Targeting: Have you noticed how Facebook sponsored posts are always somewhat related to your interests? You can select the interests of your target audience which will certainly increase drastically your odds of conversion.

Easy Setup: Setting up Facebook ads is quite easy. You can also boost any post that you have previously written, or create a new campaign from the scratch.

Paypal: You can pay using PayPal, so you can invest money that you have earned from other online ventures to pay for your FB ads campaign.

Are Facebook Ads Worth it? Cons

Buying Mood: I consider that most users scrolling their feeds on Facebook are mostly not on a buying mood (as opposed to those doing organic searches).

CTR: From what I have noticed, even if my experience was not long with Facebook ads, the click through rate is low for the number of expressions, and even if you get a FB like they tend not to visit your website (but you can create a campaign that will send users directly to your site).

Mobile users: This is another point related to the buying mood. From my experience mobile users tend to convert less, so I advise you to exclude them from your campaigns.

Facebook Ads: Are they Worth it

To summarize I believe that in some cases Facebook ads are a good option, and I have listed them below:

Finding Potential Long Term Clients

If you have a website that attracts clients in a recurrent way, Facebook ads are a good way to let them know you about your business. If you have a pizza delivery service, you can reach people in your area. As a pizza delivery is something that people order several times a year, it may be a good way to get new clients.

If you sell furniture though, it will be not that effective. People are not buying furniture on a monthly basis, therefore you should analyze every situation.

Viralizing Ignition

If you have a post that has some viral potential, it may be a good idea to use Facebook ads. If your post is indeed interesting people are more likely to share its content. In this case you will be able to reach more people than what your ads were paid for initially.

Extremely High Value Services/Products

If you sell something that is much more expesive than the cost per click you will need to pay for your Facebook ads, it is a good idea to use them. If you own a luxury landscape business, the revenue brought by just one new costumer is so great, that you can afford to run FB ads for a long time. In this case, it might be a good idea to invest on these type of advertisement.

Have you used Facebook Ads? Are Facebook ads worth for you? Tell us your experience below

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