Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies of 2017

The fastest WordPress hosting services will be explained in this post, featuring a full guide on how to increase the speed of your websites

Looking for some of the fastest WordPress hosting companies? Your site site has a slow response and take ages to load? This guide is the optimal solution to get the fastest WordPress hosting in 2017 and increase your website speed extremely with just a few clicks.

fastest wordpress hosting

This ultimate guide will not only provide you with the fastest WordPress hosting in 2017. It will also make you sure you do all the tweaks to make your website load as fast as possible regardless of the user location.

How we are going to do this?

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Why you Should Optimize Your Page Speed with a Fast WordPress Hosting
Choosing the Fastest Hosting for WordPress in 2017
Choosing a Fast WordPress Theme
Getting a CDN to Improve Your WordPress Site Speed
Checking Your WordPress Site Speed
Improving your WordPress Site Speed

Why you Should Optimize Your Page Speed with a Fast WordPress Hosting

Before we get into details, it’s essential to know why it is so important to deliver content fast to your viewers. Page Speed is not only a good factor in terms of SEO, but it changes how the user interacts with your site. A website that shows the slight sign of sluggish loading time is often merciless skipped by a user, resulting in a high bounce rate.

Bounce rate refers to users who leave your website at the first page they land on. Search engines identify this is a factor to determine the content quality. Therefore a high bounce rate is a pretty bad signal for your website SEO.

Therefore, being able to deliver content at the fastest speed possible is not only ideal, but even necessary for any website to maximize its conversion rates. The faster and more uncomplicated a website is, the more users will be compelled to visit it again, buy products from it and recommend it to other users.

Finally, many researches indicate that a website that is able to deliver content fast influences SEO directly.

Knowing this we have more than enough reasons to choose some of the fastest WordPress hosting companies in 2017. Let’s analyze them thoroughly, and determine which is the best for your website requirements.

Choosing the Fastest WordPress Hosting in 2017

Now that we have analysed some of the reasons why one should use a fast hosting service for your WordPress site, we will analyze the fastest WordPress hosting companies of 2017.

But, what makes a hosting company fast?

The core aspect that we will analyze here is server response and the ability to deliver content fast. If the time a server takes to respond to a query (when someone clicks on a link to your site) is low, this is probably the best signal that your hosting provider is good.

Server Response Time and Hosting Speed

The main technical data we can use to assess the speed of a hosting provider and the ability of delivering fast content is the server response time. The server response time gives us a straight forward number on how fast it is. However, it also depends on your location.

A server located in New York is able to deliver data at a much higher speed to a user in Toronto than to a visitor from Australia. Therefore we have analyzed the response time pinging the server from different locations. These are: Freemont (USA), Toronto (Canada), Singapore, Chennai (India) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

Analyzing the server response time from different locations allows us to determine the overall speed of a hosting service. So now, let’s analyze the results for each of the main hosting providers in 2017.

Hosting Companies and Plans

Now we will list the fastest WordPress hosting companies of 2017. It is important to stress that the servers tested are in fact those provided by shared hosting plans. You can easily install WordPress in one of them, from the Cpanel (in almost all cases).

The tool used for server response time is available at Site24x7, which offers pretty good solutions for website monitoring.

Firstly, let’s check in this chart how is the average response time of each one of the hosting servers analyzed.


As we can see, they all have a pretty similar performance, with an average server response around 160 to 190 ms. Let’s analyze below each one of these companies to determine how fast they are.

Namecheap Hosting Speed

Firstly, let’s start with Namecheap. Namecheap is one of the most affordable hosting providers if you are starting in the online business. You can get a full hosting package for your website under 10$ per year. That is right, per YEAR.

But is Namecheap fast? Check below our test results and read more about the company on the Namecheap website.

Let’s analyze the server response time of a website running a shared plan on namecheap.


Since Namecheap has this specific server located in the United States, that is where is shows the best performance. It has an average response time of 22 ms when pinged from Fremont, California.

If we sum up all locations we will get an average response time of 187 ms, which is pretty good.

Click here to check hosting plans available on Namecheap

HostGator Hosting Speed

Now, let’s analyze one of the major players in the hosting business, HostGator. The company currently is one of the biggest hosting providers and also domain registrars, and is often preferred among new online Entrepreneurs.

If you want to read more about this company you can check our “Is HostGator a Good Hosting” post or the company website.

Now, let’s analyze the HostGator server response time to determine whether it is the fastest WordPress hosting of 2017.


Just like Namecheap, and most of the big hosting companies, HostGator has its fastest server response in the US (Average 32 ms). The reason is once again the server location, which in this case is also based in the US.

The slowest ping was from India, with an average response time of 308 ms. The average server response considering all servers is of 175 ms, which is pretty good. This server puts HostGator slightly ahead of Namecheap in our list of the fastest WordPress hosting of 2017.

Click here to check hosting plans available on HostGator

A2 Hosting Speed

A2 Hosting is certainly not as big as HostGator or as cheap as Namecheap, however it is a pretty good hosting company. I have recently starting using A2 Hosting for some of my websites and I must say I am pretty satisfied with it. It has a good customer support, low prices for the first year and a very high uptime. Click here to know more about A2 Hosting.

However, we all want to know, how fast is A2 Hosting? Let’s analyze below the its server response for its shared hosting plan.


As we can see, the closest server to the location of the A2 Hosting server had the lowest ping. Despite Toronto being Canada and the A2 hosting server in question in the USA.

The ping response to the Toronto server had an average of just 23 ms. This time, the slowest response time was to the server based in Johannesburg, South Africa, with an average of 262ms.

The average for all 5 locations was of 180ms, which is pretty similar to the results from Namecheap and HostGator. According to our results A2 Hosting is slightly slower than HostGator, but slightly faster than Namecheap.

Among A2 shared plans, they offer one claiming to be several times faster. I have not tried that yet, but if might be an option if you already have some experience with A2 hosting.

Click here to check hosting plans available on A2 Hosting

Bluehost Hosting Speed

Bluehost is probably one of the most well known hosting companies in the world. They offer great affordable hosting plans and they have a very good marketing strategy, which helps the brand to be well known among bloggers.

Many famous bloggers use Bluehost, including Smart Passive Income, one of the best available for anyone willing to learn how to earn money online. You can read more about the company on the Bluehost website or in our post about Bluehost.

The brand is powerful and the offers are good, but is Bluehost a fast WordPress hosting company? Let’s analyze the data.


As we can see, Bluehost manages to have pretty low server responses, even for queries not in North America. The fastest response come as no surprise from California, with just 22 ms.

The slowest server response was once again in Johannesburg, with a response time of 316ms. However, it is still pretty good considering the distance.

If we calculate the average response time for Bluehost we get an impressive result of 175ms, just close to Namecheap in our quest for the fastest WordPress hosting in 2017.

Considering the number of plans that Bluehost offers, you can start running your WordPress website on a shared plan, and eventually moving it to a bigger plan as your business expands.

Click here to check hosting plans available on Bluehost

Siteground Hosting Speed

Siteground is another hosting provider with a very good reputation among bloggers. Among other factors, the highlights of Siteground are its reliability and uptime.

Unlike most hosting providers, which focus mostly on servers based in North America and eventually, SiteGround has more options than the average hosting company. Currently it has servers in cities like Chicago, London, Milan (Italy) and Singapore. You can read more about Siteground on their website clicking here.

To make it fair, we have compared a website using a SiteGround server based in North America. Below are the results for server response time.

siteground hosting speed

SiteGround also has some pretty impressive numbers. From Toronto, the server response time took just 12 ms. It s one of the fastest response times from all hosting plans analyzed here.

The slowest this time was from India, pretty close to the ping from South Africa and Singapore though.

The average of all locations was of 163 ms, which is the fastest from our analysis. Even if such analysis can have different results for a number of factors, there is no doubt that SiteGround one of the fastest WordPress hosting companies of 2017.

Click here to check hosting plans available on SiteGround

DreamHost Hosting Speed

DreamHost might not be as well know as other hosting companies, but it is definitely one of the most traditional ones. The company provides hosting servers since 1996 and is another affordable hosting provider for online entrepreneurs. Check more info about DreamHost on their website.

DreamHost has a very good reputation among the main hosting providers, so it is definitely one option you should consider, even if their cheapest plan costs slightly more than the average. Let’s see how DreamHost server responds to our ping queries.

dreamhost hosting speed

Once again, the fastest response came from North America. The DreamHost server test responded a query from Toronto in 28 ms.

Singapore, Chennai and Johannesburg got their reponse in almost the same time, around 250 ms. Summing up together and dividing the response times we have an average response time of 172 ms, which is pretty similar to the other hosting providers in this experiment.

Click here to check hosting plans available on DreamHost

iPage Hosting Speed

iPage is another reliable hosing provider analyzed in our list of the fastest WordPress hosting companies. The company is owned by the Endurance International Group, which among others, also owns Bluehost. Click here for more information about iPage.

Let’s see how iPage turns out in terms of server response speed.

ipage hosting speed

Once again the best results come from North America. The ping from Toronto was responded in just 22 ms.

The slowest response was from Singapore, with 271 ms. However this is a pretty fast response considering it is the slowest and so far from the server location.

The average server response considering all locations was of 172 ms.

Click here to check all iPage hosting plans.

InMotion Hosting Speed

InMotion Hosting is another company that deserves its space among the fastest WordPress hosting companies. According to the company website, their servers are based in the US, mostly precisely at Los Angeles, CA and Ashburn, VA. Read more about the company on the InMotion website.

They have pretty competitive prices and their offers are also varied, with WordPress, VPS, dedicated and shared hosting plans. Let’s see how InMotion hosting does in our server response analysis.

inmotion hosting speed

It comes as no suprise that the fastest response came from California, as the InMotion server in question is also in California. The response time was an impressive 9 ms.

The slowest response was almost a tie between Chennai and Johannesburg, but the African capital has a slower response with 293 ms.

The average response time for all locations with InMotion hosting was of 171 ms, which is pretty similar to all hosting companies evaluated.

Click here to check all InMotion hosting plans.

About Server Response Time

Even if the server speed is probably the main aspect to determine your website speed, there are other important factors that should be considered here. One of them, is the amount of data you are delivering to the user. Because of that, you should not only host your website on one of the fastest WordPress hosting companies, but also deliver the least amount of data possible, without losing content quality.

Learn below how choosing a fast WordPress theme can increase your website overall speed.

Choosing a Fast WordPress Theme

As you probably know already, it is essential to use one of the fastest WordPress hosting services available. However, there are other important details impacting your website speed. One of the them is choosing a light WordPress theme that loads fast.

One of the crucial things you need to do to improve your website speed is choosing the right theme. Many WordPress Pro themes look amazing, but they are not much focused on delivering content at a high speed.

There are many companies offering very light WordPress premium themes which are actually like. MyThemeShop and Elegant themes and Theme Isle are just some of them, in which you can find the right theme for your needs.

There are also a good number of free WordPress themes. You can check some of the best free WordPress themes on CSS Igniter and MyThemeShop and even on the website or from your WordPress dashboard.

Getting a CDN to Improve Your Content Delivery Speed

You might not know what a CDN is, but after reading this, you will certainly want one. CDN stands for content delivery network, and I will briefly explain what it can do for your site.

If you have a hosting without CDN, when a user visits, it will get all the content from one location, the location of your server. That means, if your server is in the US and you have one visitors from Canada and one from Japan, they will both get the content from your US server.

A CDN however has multiple locations around the world, and it will deliver content to the closest location to the visitor. If the visitor is from the US, it will get some or all the data from your website from a location in the US (as long as the CDN has servers in the US). But if a user is from Japan, it will get content from a location closer to its location, probably in Japan or somewhere in Asia.

Therefore, a CDN can really improve user experience and website speed. This is especially the case if you run an international website with visitors from multiple locations. Here are some of the best CDN services:


MaxCDN is one of the pioneers in the CDN business and has great plans for anyone willing to add a CDN to their online business. It offers CDN packages starting from just 9$ a month. In other words, you don’t need a big website to have a CDN working for your business.


Cloudflare is an internet giant in the CDN business, and has amazing offers from small to big internet ventures. The company even offers a free CDN pri

Checking your WordPress Site Speed

Apart from having some of the fastest WordPress hosting plan, you should also check a number of factors to ensure a high site speed. Since there are a very high number of aspects influencing your site speed, doing this manually would be nearly impossible. However, there are a number of free tools you can use to check your site speed.

Apart from checking your website speed, these tools give great insights about your website. Reading the reports provided by these tools will allow the user to optimize their WordPress site speed at each possible aspect.

Let’s check each and every one of them:

Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed is certainly a tool you should use frequently to check your website speed. The fact that the analysis is provided by Google itself is extremely relevant. Google Page Speed gives a score for each website and indicates what can be improved and how to do it.

The Page Speed services provided by Google will not only analyse your website speed for desktop and mobile usage. It also provides great documentation explaining how to improve your site. Each aspect which is not optimized is fully explained, with clear instructions on how to optimize your website speed.


GTMetrix is another option to check your page speed and optimize it. In my opinion its interface is a bit more simple to identify the problems than those of Google Page Speed. I would recommend in fact using both, to see what you can do to increase your WordPress website page speed.


Pingdom does more or less the same analysis that GTMetrix and Google Page Speed offer, however there is one important difference. You can select from a number of servers located in different places to ping your website. That is especially relevant if your audience is geo-targeted, to the USA or to Europe, or to Australia. There are not many servers to choose from, but it wil give you an idea on how fast your website is loading in different locations.

What to do if Your Website is Slow

If your website is slow and the main reason is the server response, you should change to some of the fastest WordPress hosting plans available in 2017. If the server response is fast, you should do all the tweaks on the check list below, to ensure maximum website speed.

Tweaking .htaccess

Improving your .htaccess file is useful not only for WordPress websites, but for any kind of website. And changing the .htaccess is also quite easy, and does not require much technical skills.

But what is the .htaccess? htaccess stands for Hyper Text access and it is used in Web Server running Apache. In almost all shared hosting plans your hosting provider will give you access to the .htaccess and you can easily change it.

In order to improve your WordPress site speed tweaking the .htaccess I recommend you to read this guide on Crunchify. It is a pretty simple guide and the whole process will not take more than 5 minutes, but this can improve drastically the speed of your website. It is however important to back up your .htaccess file before playing around with it, to avoid any kind of unwanted issues.

Dealing With Images

Images are one of the most resource demanding aspects in terms of your WordPress site loading time. If you are new to blogging you might think that a high quality image will bring more visitors to your blog. That is not the case, especially if your image file size is humongous.

Resizing and shrinking images in WordPress is very easy, even if you have a website with many posts and images. There are many plugins that shrink images in a very automated way. Among them, I will recommend the following two plug-ins.

The first WordPress plugin I would like to recommend for reducing image sizes is Smush. Smush is one of the most downloaded image optimization plugins for WordPress and it does make wonders.

The other plugin for image optimization I would like to recommend is Imsanity. Imsanity can shrink all the images you have uploaded, and it also lets you choose maximum dimensions for new uploads. That is extremely useful, and you will not have to manually shrink images before uploading.

Choosing a Web Hosting Company.

If you are still undecided about which hosting company you should choose, we have more analysis on this topic. You can check our best hosting companies post. This post features thorough information about each and every company in this analysis. It also includes also an in-depth insight on hosting plans provided by each company.

Advertising disclosure: This point contains affiliate links, which might generate a commission to our blog when a user clicks on one of the links and makes a purchase in one of the of the websites.

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