How to Get Approved on Affiliate Marketing Programs

This post will guide you through on how to get approved on affiliate marketing programs in general, and avoid being rejected

How to get approved on affiliate marketing programs? Check below these simple ideas on how to improve your chances of approval in any program.


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One of the complicated things affiliate marketers eventually have to deal is how to get approved on affiliate marketing programs. Sometimes it is a simple and smooth procedure, but sometimes it can be quite complicated.

Virtually all affiliate networks, including Commission Junction ( and Clickbank have different standards for accepting new affiliate marketers. You will have to deal with different kind of requirements for different types of programs.

Some affiliate programs will not even require you to have a website, and you can get approved almost instantly. However, most affiliate networks have minimum requirements to approve new affiliates, and this is what we will talk about here.

Before that however, I would like to point two types of networks strategies:

Network Strategies for Affiliate Programs

Approval for all Publishers: Some affiliate programs will approve you, and once you approved, you are free to advertise all of their publishers or products.

Publisher Approval Required: Other affiliate networks might approve you, but then, each publisher on that network will decide whether to approve you.

Considering that, let’s analyse the key factors to get approved on affiliate marketing programs:

A Website With Content: You should have a website with original content, and a minimum number of articles or pages. This will increase drastically the chances of you being approved in most affiliate programs.

Read the TOS: Reading the Terms of Service of the publisher is essential for every affiliate marketer. You should understand and follow all the rules required by the publisher to avoid a rejection. This is also important after you were approved, to make sure it will not bring eventual problems in the future.

Buy a domain: This might be required or not according to the publisher. It is important however that having an own domain inspires trust not only from publishers but from your visitors. It can be an issue that free hosting services are against affiliate links, which is the case on

Even if you follow these rules, sometimes you may still get rejected. This might happen if a program is restricted to affiliates from determined countries, if you are not from one of these countries, there is not much to be done.

One thing that definitely helps your chances is to send an email to the publisher explaining your situation and asking to be part of the program. This might have different results, but at times it might help you to get approved.

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