HostGator Cloud Hosting Review

This HostGator cloud hosting review explains the main aspects of HostGator cloud plans is ideal for bloggers and small entrepreneurs.

Are you looking for cheap web hosting with good specs and extras? Check our HostGator cloud plans review below and learn more about its shared plans options, pricing and specs.

hostgator cloud hosting review

HostGator: Overview

HostGator is one of the biggest hosting companies in the world. Owned by Endurance International, HostGator invests massively in technology and marketing, to build a strong online presence for its hosting services.

You can read our Is HostGator Good review, to learn more about the company and its main aspects.

Finally, HostGator recently launched its cloud web hosting services. They are among the cheapest cloud hosting, and have quite good specs.

HostGator: Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting

If you are buying a new hosting plan and starting a new website its important that you understand the types of hosting and its basic concepts. Specially if you are going to start your first blog, you can be easily confused with an overwhelming number of concepts.

Without getting too technical, a shared hosting is based in one server to store your files. If the server in which your shared plan is goes down, your website, and the access to all files hosted in it will be stopped until it is retrieved.

The concept of cloud hosting allows the provider to use resources from multiple servers to store your files and handle the traffic coming through your site. That adds a great layer of protection to your website, reduces downtime and often increases the speed that data can be delivered.

Is cloud hosting better than shared hosting? The general answer is yes, however, if you have a reliable shared hosting this might go unnoticed. In any way, I believe cloud hosting is the future and most companies will offer more cloud based resources and products.

HostGator Cloud Plans

Currently HostGator offer three cloud plans, the Hatchlig, Baby and Business cloud. We will explain their main features below.

Hatchling CloudBaby CloudBusiness Cloud
Number of Domains1UnlimitedUnlimited
CPU2 Cores4 Cores6 Cores
Dedicated IPNoNoYes
Price $4.95 $5.95$8.95

HostGator Hatchling Cloud

The Hatchling Cloud plan is the cheapest among those currently available at HostGator. It is also the most limited, as you can run only one domain in this plan. If you are certain you will run only one small website in one domain, this plan is for you.

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HostGator Baby Cloud

The Baby Cloud is the most popular cloud web hosting plan from HostGator. It is pretty flexible, even if you want to run multiple websites.

HostGator Business Cloud

The HostGator Business Cloud plan is pretty similar to the Baby Plan. However, the Business Cloud has a few advantages, like more CPU cores, more RAM and a private SSL.

It is slightly more expensive than the Baby Cloud. Overall, I consider the Baby Plan a better value for the money than the Business Clou Plan.

HostGator Cloud Speed

HostGator cloud servers are pretty fast when it comes to deliver data. If you are going to target a global audience, I recommend using a CDN like Cloud Flare or MAXCDN anyway.

If you want to know more about server speeds check our post on the fastest WordPress hosting.

HostGator Cloud Uptime

As mentioned above, overall uptime in cloud hosting plans is higher than in shared plans. This happens as the cloud allows the use of multiple resources from different servers. In other words, if one server is down, it automatically users resources from another server.

HostGator shared servers already had a very high uptime, near to 100%. Now, with cloud servers, the chances of having your website down is very slim.

hostgator cloud uptime

HostGator Cloud Pricing

There is a recent change in cloud web hosting pricing, which is great for users. HostGator is one of the first main hosting companies to start providing cloud hosting at affordable prices.

hostgator cloud pricing

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HostGator Cloud Alternatives

There are many companies offering cheap cloud hosting that is suitable for blogs, small ecommerce and business websites. As cloud hosting becomes more popular, I believe the competition in this segment tends to rise, lowering prices.

Check below some HostGator cloud hosting alternatives to consider before choosing your hosting plan service:


Bluehost has a lot in common with HostGator, as they are both owned by the Endurance International group. Just like HostGator, Bluehost cloud web hosting plans are affordable and easy to manage.

Click here to check cloud hosting offers on Bluehost


Dreamhost is also one of the most popular hosting services, offering a wide range of products, including cloud hosting. I however sugget Dreamhost cloud servers for those with some technical expertise, as they are not so easy to set up as those in HostGator.

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A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is another big player in the hosting market, especially for new bloggers and online entrepreneurs. The company is also offering relatively affordable web cloud hosting plans.

A2 Hosting has a pretty good support and very high uptime.

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Host1Plus is one of the fastest growing hosting companies offering multiple plans for different types of businesses. With a reliable service and supported added to a good variety of products, Host1Plus is a good option for cloud webhosting. Their cloud hosting offers are also quite affordable, and definitely a good competition for HostGator in terms of pricing.

One of the advantages of Host1Plus is that they accept Bitcoin payments for their hosting products. You can read about this company in our Host1Plus review.

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SiteGround is one of my favorite hosting companies, namely for its ultra fast support and reliable services. The company, headquarter in Bulgaria, is already offering cloud hosting, however the prices are considerably higher than those at HostGator. Even if their services are overall among the best hosting companies, you should really consider the prices, specially if you are start with blogging.

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Advertising disclosure: This point contains affiliate links, which might generate a commission to our blog when a user clicks on one of the links and makes a purchase in one of the of the websites.

Description: This HostGator cloud hosting review explains the main aspects of HostGator cloud plans is ideal for bloggers and small entrepreneurs.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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