HostGator vs NameCheap Hosting Comparison

HostGator vs Namecheap comparison: which company offers the best shared and dedicated hosting plans for blogging and online business

Let’s compare HostGator vs Namecheap and their plans for both shared and dedicated hosting. Both HostGator and Namecheap have a big market share on the hosting market, as well as very appealing offers. Let’s analyze both these companies and decide which one is the winner in this hosting comparison.
hostgator vs namecheap comparison
Choosing a reliable hosting partner is extremely important for the success of your business. In Earn WP we are mostly focused on WordPress websites and users. However, this hosting comparison between HostGator vs Namecheap is useful for anyone willing to build a website, regardless of the CMS or technology they use to create an online presence..

HostGator vs Namecheap: Overview

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HostGator and Namecheap are two of the most preferred hosting companies by newcomers to the blogging business. The reasons behind it are several, but here we will name three of the most important ones:

Marketing: HostGator and Namecheap invest massively in marketing, and its almost impossible for anyone who wants to build a website not to be bombarded with their ads on most websites.

Pricing: Both HostGator and Namecheap have pretty affordable hosting plans, offering great value for money. New bloggers are especially driven to low prices to minimize risk when starting a new online business.

Easy Set Up: Regardless if you use Namecheap or HostGator, it is extremely easy to set up a new website with one of these two hosting providers. The sign up process is smooth and involve just a few steps.

HostGator Overview

Founded in 2002 in the United States, HostGator currently has more than 9 million domains registered with the company. HostGator also has sites specifically target to a few countries, namely India and Brazil.

HostGator is one of the best hosting companies for anyone willing to start an online business. Their shared plans are pretty flexible and extremely affordable. With their short billing cycles, the company manages to attract a good number of new customers.

Namecheap Overview

Namecheap is one of my favorite hosting companies. It was the first company I used for the first website that brought me stable income.

Richard Kirkendall founded Namecheap in 2000, and the company grew quickly to become one of the best domain registrars in the market.

One of the greatest advantages of Namecheap is its extremely aggressive pricing. You can get hosting for one website for less than 10 dollars per year. Its an offer that I found extremely hard to beat. Namecheap is also well-received by its community with all the positive aspects highlighted in various Namecheap reviews.

Another unique advantage on Namecheap is that it accepts Bitcoin payments. At the moment, there are just a few hosting companies that accept bitcoin payments.

Let’s compare each some important aspects to determine who is the best hosting between HostGator vs Nameheap

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Hosting Speed
User Interface
Server Locations
Shared Hosting
Cloud and Dedicated Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Customer Support
WordPress Install
Dedicated IP and SSL

HostGator vs Namecheap: Hosting Speed

One of the main things to consider when buying a hosting package is the speed your server is able to deliver content. A faster hosting speed will certainly reflect in a number of positive factors, such as:

Lower bounce rate. A low bounce determines how much users are engages with your content, visiting more pages on your site and eventually converting sales.
Better SEO. Search engines are not big fans of slow websites, therefore, make sure you get a fast server to avoid this problem.

Let’s analyze now the speeds of HostGator vs Namecheap.

HostGator Hosting Speed

One of the best possible tools to analyze your server speed is available for free at Site24x7. You can test the server response time for any website, not only yours.

Let’s see how a website using a HostGator shared plan did in terms of server response time:

Since this website is located on a HostGator server in North America, it comes as no surprise to see the lowest pings from servers in that area.

Overall, the average server response time was of 175 m, which is I consider around the average for the best hosting services.

Namecheap Hosting Speed

Using the same tool and the same locations, we have also analyze Namecheap server response time:


The Namecheap server test is also located in North America. Therefore, we can see that it had the lowest pings when tested from California and Toronto.

The average server response time of the 5 locations was of 181 ms, slightly more than the speed of HostGator server. However, this difference of just 6 ms is negligible.

Considering this, both HostGator and Namecheap have pretty similar speeds.

User Interface

Namecheap has one of the best user dashboards available in the hosting industry, but HostGator is also pretty easy to handle.

In both Namecheap and HostGator you will use cpanel to manage your hosting, together with the hosting dashboard in which you login on or


HostGator will give a month free if their uptime falls below 99.9% according to their website. Namecheap also has a very reliable uptime, as we can see below in this monitoring:


You can expect little to no uptime issues in both Namecheap and HostGator.

Server Locations

I believe its important to check your server location’s before purchasing your hosting plan. That is especially the case if you are geo-targeting your audience. If you want to run an international website, I would give preference to servers located in the United States. Regardless, its always a good idea to use a CDN combined with your hosting plan.

HostGator Server Location: The company states that it has servers in Provo, Utah, as well as Houston, Texas and other locations.

Namecheap Server Location: Namecheap has servers in both the US and also in the UK. The US servers are in Phoenix and Atlanta, while those in the UK are close to Nottingham.

HostGator vs SiteGround: Shared Hosting

Shared plans are probably the best bet if you are new to online business and you are starting a new website. Both HostGator and Namecheap have pretty affordable shared hosting plans.

If you are new to blogging and web site building, I will give my two recommendations for a shared plan. The best HostGator shared plan in my opinion is the Baby Plan which costs just $5.95 per month.

hostgator shared plans

You can host unlimited domains and have unmetered bandwidth. The business plan is also very similar, and cost the same amount as the baby plan, at least for the first sign-up.

Namecheap has some of the cheapest shared hosting available on the market. In my opinion, the best plan for new comers to the Professional shared plan. It costs just $19.88 per year, and gives great flexibility for its cost.

As we can see from all Namecheap plans, their pricing is really appealing. However, The HostGator Baby plan is considerably more flexible than the Professional Namecheap plan.

Comparing HostGator vs Namecheap in terms of pricing, Namecheap wins. However, if you take into consideration flexibility and offers, HostGator is more versatile.

Click here to check HostGator plans and click here to check Namecheap web hosting plans.

Cloud and Dedicated Hosting

I would recommend cloud and dedicated hosting for someone with a more complex business plan and some good money to invest on it. Comparing HostGator vs Namecheap, both have good offers for dedicated and VPS hosting. HostGator also has good cloud hosting offers.

The cheapest option in this category is HostGator, offering cloud hosting for as low as $4.95 per month.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress managed hosting can be a good idea for anyone willing to focus entirely on the website itself and not have to worry about any technical aspects or backups, for example.

HostGator has some pretty affordable WordPress hosting plans, starting as low as $5.95 per month. These offers include free migration from and faster speeds (up to 2.5x faster according to HostGator).

Namecheap currently does not have WordPress managed hosting offers, but you can run our favorite CMS in any of their shared or dedicated plans.

Comparing HostGator vs Namecheap for WordPress hosting, it is pretty obvious that HostGator takes the lead.

Customer Support

Customer support is extremely important for you to run our website smoothly. Even if you will not need it often (hopefully), when you need the customer support, it better be reliable.

Namecheap customer support: Namecheap has a pretty reliable customer support. The best way to access it in my opinion is via their live chat, available 24/7/365. The queues are low and everytime I needed, it took me less than one minute to talk to a human.

HostGator customer support: HostGator offers support 24/7/365, which definitely plays a positive role for its overall reputation. They have phone and live chat support, being the latter ideal for me. Sometimes the queue on HostGator live chat can be frustrating, but once in contact with the live support team, issues tend to be sorted quickly.

In our HostGator vs Namecheap comparison, Namecheap has a slight advantage.

WordPress Install

Installing WordPress in both HostGator and Namecheap is a prettty straightforward process. It requires no technical skills whatsoever to get your WordPress website running, an can be done in just a few minutes.

You can click here to check how to install WordPress on Namecheap. If you want to know how to install WordPress on HostGator, click here.

Dedicated IP and SSL

Dedicated IP and SSL are pretty important things even if you run a relatively small blog, in my opinion. They improve the security and credibility of your website.

HostGator has the option to add a dedicated IP on every shared plan except the Hatchling plan. On Namecheap it is also possible to get a dedicated IP (and I recommend doing so). While in some plans it is added by default and free, in other plans it is usually paid per month.

You can get free SSL using both HostGator and Namecheap.

HostGator vs SiteGround: Verdict

Our HostGator vs Namecheap comparison indicates that both companies are great options for anyone starting a career on online business. However, each one of them has their own advantages, and I would not name one as the best overall. For this reasons, I will give my recommendation below, and explaining when you should choose HostGator or Namecheap:

HostGator: HostGator is probably the best bet if you are more flexibility and less limitations on your hosting plan. Even if it can be slightly more expensive than Namecheap its flexibility can definitely pay off. Overall, HostGator plans are pretty cheap and an excellent value for money.

Namecheap: I would recommend Namecheap if you want to start a website and do not have much to invest. If you want to run just one domain, Namecheap price is pretty unbeatable, and you should definitely consider.

Regardless of your choice you can be sure that both HostGator and Namecheap will guarantee your online presence in a fast and reliable manner.

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