Hosting Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payments

In this post we have a list of hosting companies that accept bitcoin payments for hosting plans, allowing greater privacy for those using the cryptocurrency

Are you looking for hosting companies that accept bitcoin as a payment? Today we have a list of the best hosting companies that accept bitcoin payments for their hosting plans. We will review the advantages of paying for hosting with bitcoin and why you should consider it.

hosting companies that accept bitcoin

Advantages of Bitcoin

If you are looking to buy bitcoin hosting, it probably means that you know what bitcoin is. The decentralized digital currency continues to make the headlines for its revolutionary technology. Currently, bitcoin is becoming more and more accepted by digital companies and even traditional business.

Let’s check some of the advantages of using bitcoin:

One of the main advantages of bitcoin is that it is decentralized, and anyone can use it, anywhere. Unlike banks or other digital payments, which are only available in some countries or areas, bitcoin is available everywhere. As long as you have a bitcoin wallet you can send and receive bitcoins anywhere.

Privacy is another of the great advantages of bitcoin. Unlike other processing payments, paying with bitcoin does not involving sharing personal data, thus reducing the risk of identify theft or fraud.

Bitcoin is transparent. Paying and receiving money with bitcoin is one of the most transparent ways to make online transactions. Most bitcoin transactions have zero or extremely low fees.

However, bitcoin also has a few disadvantages. Since it is a new technology still being developed, it can be unstable in some ways. The price of bitcoin is also extremely volatile compared to more traditional currencies. Nonetheless, for the past years bitcoin has gained valued rather constantly.

Namecheap Bitcoin Payments

Namecheap is probably the biggest hosting company accepting Bitcoin payments at the moment. Apart from that, Namecheap has many other advantages.

The main highlight of Namecheap hosting plans is their prices. Not only you will be able to pay with bitcoin, but you will also get a decent plan for a very inexpensive price.

Their Professional plan is a great option for anyone starting on online business without much investment. It has very few limitations and you can easily run a few website with good speed and complex functions.

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Host1Plus Bitcoin Payments

Host1Plus is a fast growing company with offices in Kaunas, Lithuania, and London. The company currently has more than 66k clients, which is pretty impressive. Their website is one of the best looking ones among companies that accept bitcoin as a payment.


One of the advantages of Host1Plus is that it has a good selection of servers in different continues, including less usual locations South America and Africa. This can be a good thing especially for users targeting audience geographically.

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Hostwinds Bitcoin Payments

Hostwind is another great option for anyone looking for hosting companies that accept bitcoin. The company offers many times of hosting, including shared, dedicated, VPS hosting and much more.

One of the advantages of Hostwind is that it offers a free dedicated IP even on their cheapest shared hosting plans. I consider a dedicated IP crucial for a number of reasons, from security to SEO.

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QHoster Bitcoin Payments

QHoster might not be one of the most well known hosting companies, but it is certainly one of the most versatile. It has a number of hosting locations around the world, including servers in Bulgaria, Lithuania, United States and others.


The other great advantage at QHoster is that they accept not only bitcoin, but many different payment options. That includes Payza, Skrill, Neteller and also other crypto currencies like Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash.

For its versatility and pretty affordable prices, QHoster is one of the best bitcoin hosting companies currently.

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AwardSpace Bitcoin Payments

AwardSpace also deserves a place as one of the best hosting companies that accept bitcoin as a payment method. Despite being a relatively small company, it has been in the hosting market since 2002. Based in Germany, it was one of the first hosting companies to accept bitcoin as a payment for their hosting plans.

However, I must say that AwardSpace frontend to register a website is pretty complicate. It has too many steps and too many unnecessary offers in my opinion.

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Paying For Your Hosting Using Bitcoin

If you plan to buy a web hosting plan using bitcoin, you will obviously need bitcoins. You will also need a bitcoin wallet, in which bitcoins are stored.

You can buy bitcoins in a number ways, including bank transfer, credit card and even cash. The easiest and safest way to buy bitcoin in my opinion is using Localbitcoins. Localbitcoins connects users selling and buying bitcoin, it has a pretty safe escrow service and you can find convenient ways to get your bitcoin fast.

Once you got your bitcoins, you can buy a hosting plan in any of the companies mentioned above. In the check-out, you will see the option to pay with Bitcoin. In most cases you will be redirected to a service like Bitpay, in which you can finish your transaction. After the bitcoins are transferred you can start using your hosting plan purchased with bitcoin.

Companies that (still) do not accept Bitcoin

Even if bitcoin is becoming more a mainstream technology than a temporary hype, many hosting companies still do not accept bitcoin. Some of the companies that we consider as the best hosting companies, do not accept bitcoins yet. Let’s see some of them, and what payment methods they currently accept.

Bluehost: currently does not accept Bitcoin. Mastercard, Visa, credit cards, PayPal, checks, money order.

HostGator: currently does not accept Bitcoin. HostGator accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, Diners Club International or JCB logo. It also accepts PayPal, checks and wire transfer.

SiteGround: currently does not accept Bitcoin. SiteGround accepts VISA, Mastercard, and also PayPal if requested.

I strongly believe that in the following years more and more hosting companies will accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using the blockchain technology.

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