Hostwinds Review: Web Hosting Comparisons

Hostwinds Review: Is Hostwinds good for shared, dedicated and VPS hosting? Let’s analyze the main products of this hosting company below

This Hostwinds review will cover the main aspects every one should consider when buying a new hosting plan. Hostwinds offers shared, dedicated and VPS hosting, and we will analyze its products below.
hostwinds review
Hostwinds is an US based hosting provider and in this post we will analye its key features, like prices, hosting speed and extras. If you are looking for a new web hosting to start or improve your online business, consider Hostwinds to see if they are up to your requirements.

Choosing a hosting is an important step to determine the success of your online business. However, not every online business have the same requirements, so answer the question: Is Hostwinds good?

Hostwinds Overview

Hostwinds is a relatively young, US based company, founded in 2010. According to their website, they have two major data centers, in Dallas and in Seattle. I consider this as an advantage, as if you are running a blog or website focused on international audience, servers in North America are recommended.

Among the advantages of Hostwinds, according to their website, is its 60 money back guarantee and 99.9% uptime. Hostwinds has an overall positive reputation on the web, with a majority of satisfied customer reviews.

How to Buy a Hosting Plan on Hostwinds

You can click here to buy a hosting plan on Hostwinds. Buying a hosting plan on Host1Plus is quite simple, and once your payment is approved you can start using your hosting plan (usually instantly).

Hostwinds Payment Methods

Payment options are also an important aspect you should consider while buying a new hosting plan. That’s especially the case if you are in a country with limited payment options.

Hostwinds accepts the following payment methods: PayPal, EFT (bank transfer), credit and debit cards, as well as Bitcoin. Hostwinds is one of the few hosting companies that accept bitcoin.

The minimum billing cycle is also something I like to consider when buying a hosting plan. The shortest billing cycle offered by Hostwinds is of just one month. This is certainly an advantage if you are want to test your online project and also their hosting plans.

Hostwinds Plans

Hostwinds has a broad number of web hosting plans that include: shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Each one of this types of products has different solutions for different business.

Their products are quite varied in both terms of storage capacity and type of server, but also when it comes to pricing. Hostwinds is also one of the few companies offering exclusive customized Minecraft VPS hosting.

You can check all Hostwinds plans here.

Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting is probably the main interest of most readers looking for a Hostwinds review. Hostwinds has pretty affordable shared web hosting, wiith different degrees of flexibility.

Let’s analyze below the main characteristics of each one of this shared hosting plans:

hostwinds shared plans

And now let’s get to the advantages and disadvantages of each one of these plans: Basic, Advanced and Ultimate Hostwinds shared plans.

Basic Hostwinds Hosting Plan

The basic shared plan is the cheapest offered by Hostwinds, and is a good offer for someone willing to host just one website. It offers unmetered bandwidth and disk space, as well as one free dedicated IP adress.

It is pretty hard to find anything cheaper offering a free dedicated IP. If you want to host just one website, the Basic shared plan is really a good offer at just $ 4.50 per month.

Advanced Hostwinds Hosting Plan

The Advanced shared plan offers everything the Basic has, but you have more flexibility on the number of websites you can host. With a monthly price of $5.50 per month and the possibility of hosting up to 4 domains, it is also a pretty good value for money.

Ultimate Hostwinds Hosting Plan

The Ultimate shared plan is a similar product as the Advanced plan with one important difference. You can host as many domains on this plan for $6.50 per month without any limitation.

Dedicated and VPS

Hostwinds also offers a good number of VPS and Dedicated server offers, for those with more demanding projects than just running a few simple websites.

WordPress Install


Hostwinds uses cPanel on their web hosting plans, and installing WordPress is pretty easy. Once you login on your cPanel, you will have to search for Softaculous, which is an installer for a number of CMS.

Select WordPress among the options on WordPress and click Install. You will have to fill basic information about your website, like username, name of the site and etc. After filling up the form, click on Install.


Hostwinds has a full support service compared to those of bigger companies like HostGator, Bluehost or Namecheap. They offer a ticket system, as well as a telephone line available 24/7/365. My favorite support tool is certainly their live chat, also available 24/7.

Their VPS offers include both Windows and Linux VPS and the cheapest costs just $7.5 per month.


I always stress on how a fast web hosting server is important for user experience, and therefore, important for the success of your website.

Using the ping tool available on Site24x7, we can analyze the server response speed on Hostwinds servers:


Considering that their servers are in North America, we can see that the fastest server responses came from tests originated in California and Toronto.

The average server response time of Hostwinds was of 169 ms which is certainly pretty good.

If you are interested in server speeds, you can check our post on the fastest WordPress hosting companies.

Free Domain

Hostwinds currently does not offer a free domain police for its services. You can either buy a domain on Hostwinds or in another domain registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Best Hostwinds for Startups

If you are starting with a new online project, the best bet would be picking a shared plan by Hostwinds. Among the shared plans, I would choose the Advanced plan, as it offers the possibility of hosting more than one site.

You can check all Hostwinds plans here.

Is Hostwinds Good? Verdict

I consider Hostwinds a good hosting company, especially if you are looking for an affordable hosting company with servers in North America. Despite not being among the biggest companies, it is pretty reliable and they respond often. Their 60 day refund policy is also a plus.

One of the most important advantages of Hostwinds is that it accepts Bitcoin as a payment. Anothe important advantage of this host is the fact that they have dedicated IPs included in pretty affordable. Even if there are probably other hosting companies that offer it, they are very rare.

Did you like our Hostwinds review? Do you have already some experience with this company? Share your thoughts below.

Description: Hostwinds Review: Is Hostwinds good for shared, dedicated and VPS hosting? Let’s analyze the main products of this hosting company below

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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