How to Create Backlinks – 8 Easiest Ways

How to create backlinks? if you have a new website and want to get backlinks fast, this post explains the 8 easiest ways to build quality backlinks

If you have a brand new site and you are learning how to promote it, you will sooner or later read about building backlinks. But, how to create backlinks? This is one of the most important questions in the blogging industry, and we will learn 8 easy ways to get quality backlinks in no time.
how to create backlinks
Before we get into how to create backlinks in an easy and fast way, we need to learn more about links. So let’s analyse what are backlinks and why you should get plenty of quality ones to your site.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a link point to a site, in another website. That is a pretty simple concept for anyone using the internet, even if you are not a blogger or webmaster.

Search engines crawl the web and links in virtually all sites. Backlinks are one of the most important factors that determines the relevance of a given site or a page in its niche.

Why You Should Get Quality Backlinks

You should get quality backlinks to your site to improve its reputation in search engines. If you have a good number of quality backlinks, Google and other search engines will see your website as an authority in that niche, therefore showing your pages on higher results.

Let’s imagine three hypothetical examples: The first website has a good article on camping gear and no backlinks. The second website has a good article on camping gear and 3 relevant backlinks in its niche. The third website has a good article on camping gear and 5 backlinks from sites unrelated to that niche.

Which one will appear as the first on the search engine results? That’s right, the second one.

For that reason I strongly recommend you to focus on backlinks on your niche. However, if you can get backlinks from big websites, even if they are not only about your niche, that is still good. However, make sure you get backlinks only from domains with good reputations, regardless of their niche.

Nofollow vs Dofollow Backlinks

This is also something essential you should consider when building quality backlinks. Regardless of your niche, there are basically two types of links: Nofollow Links vs Dofollow Links.

Dofollow links are considered by search engine bots a trusted and relevant links, and will in most cases cause a good impact on the website that has a dofollow link pointing to its domain. On the other hand, a nofollow link will have very low impact on the relevance of your website to search engines.

Even if you should aim to dofollow links, I consider nofollow links to be better than nothing. If bots may disconsider it, at least humans will see your link and eventually visit your site.

How to Create Backlinks – X Easiest Ways


Reddit is one of my favorite websites to get backlinks. The first reason why reddit rules is because there is a sub-reddit for virtually any type of subject.

The second reason why you should use reddit is that it has a large audience, which also includes bloggers. This way if your post is relevant to your niche, you can expect some indirect backlinks from people that saw it on reddit.

Reddit users are however very skillful on their interests, if your post is not interest or inaccurate, it will probably get deleted.


Forums are still a great way to get backlinks in 2017. One of the reasons behind it is because most forums are extremely narrowed to one niche, and their authority is usually high on their niche.

There are a few ways you can get dofollow links in a forum (depends on the forum). Some accept dofollow links on your profile and signature.

However, the best way to use a forum for backlinks is answering questions. If a post of yours can answer a question on a forum that allows backlinks, do it.


Wikipedia is also a powerful source for backlinks. At the bottom of almost every article on Wikipedia there are sources which are backlinks.

If you manage to write an article that has useful data you can use it on Wikipedia and link it back to your source. However, Wikipedia moderators are usually very picky at this, so make sure your post really contains relevant information.


There are many websites that allow a dofollow link on your profile. This really depends on the niche, but in the design niche there are good examples of this like Behance and IconFinder.

Depending on the niche, you might find more options giving a dofollow link on a profile creation.

Blog Directories

Blog directories are also a good way to get dofollow links, however, there are some considerations. Many of these platforms are really full of spammy posts, so you can skip these ones.

It is also important to make sure it offers dofollow links, otherwise, you should not put a lot of effort in this. Some good examples of blog directories with dofollow links are Blogarama and Alltop.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are an excellent way to get dofollow links. The most well known social bookmarking site is the above mentioned Reddit.

But there are other good social bookmarking websites that you should consider to enhance your backlinks.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way to create quality backlinks. The biggest advantage of guest posting is that you usually can put a few backlinks in your guest post. This way, you can get quality backlinks from very specific websites on your niche, growing your reputation quickly.

However, it is also one of the most consuming way to get a backlink, since you will be writing an article for another website. Most websites accepting backlinks also have some pretty high quality standards, at least the ones which are worth posting at.


Another excelent way to get quality backlinks is helping journalists. But how to contact them? HARO is a great website that connects journalists with sources. You can solve a journalist’s question in any give niche and get a backlink on his publication, which usually has a very high reputation.

How to Create Backlinks: Conclusion

Creating backlinks is certainly not easy, especially quality ones. However, this is a process you should always focus on building, the better is your backlink profile, the higher your SERP will be, reaching more audience and generating more income.

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