Income Report April 2017 USD 856

The Income Report April 2017 will analyze my current income from several sources including affiliate marketing and websites

Let’s analyse the Income Report April 2017 edition to see how much one can make from the internet using WordPress and affiliate marketing.


Things in April picked up from March and the result was more positive than expected. However, it is still below my goal of $1,500 per month.

While some niches remained stable, some others indicated a hopeful growth, let’s analyze them below.

Income Report April 2017:

Affiliate Marketing:

April was certainly not amazing, but it was much better than March It was also much better than April last year, which shows that affiliate marketing and website business are thriving.

Earn WP especially is showing a good growth, with much more organic visitors. I also plan to do a YouTube channel for to attract more users to the website.

Adsense and Other Income:

AdSense did not show impressive results, even netting slightly less than one month ago. But I still think its a viable way to earn online, if you are in the right niches.

Income Report March 2017:

Affiliate Marketing Income (Breakdown by currency):

USD: 530
GBP: 31 (37 GBP)
EUR: 159 (145 EUR)
BRL: 21 USD (70 BRL)
Asia: 15 USD

Total Affiliate Revenue: 756 USD

Adsense Income USD: 170

Total Revenue: USD 926


This month had no costs, which also contributed to  a higher net income.

Article Writing: USD 0
YouTube Revenue Share: USD 70
Domain and hosting: USD 0

Total costs: USD 70

Total Income: USD 856

I am happy to see that this month is above the minimum survival threshold of 750 USD. And it was also a good thing that the result was considerably higher than the last month.

For the next month I expect Earn WP to receive much more visitors. My travel website should also improve its audience, while my electronics website will probably remain flat.

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