Income Report August 2016

In today’s post I will analyze the revenues generated by my website ventures, and do a full income report for the month of August 2016


Before I used to do my income report directly on my niche sites, but it was quite confusing as they would often have absolutely nothing related with the niche on the website. Now on Earn WP, as the niche here is online marketing, a transparent income report is probably useful for everyone willing to start earning online.

August was pretty average, and no substantial differences were noticed when compared to July. To monetize my websites at the moment I only use these two forms of monetization: affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.

Income Report August 2016:

Affiliate Marketing:

I try to diversify as much as possible my affiliate income. That means I try to generate affiliate income from different programs, different countries and different kind of items. It’s an essential way to protect yourself from market volatility, seasonality and other eventual problems.

In August I managed to get approved to a train ticket affiliate program that I had been previously rejected. I brushed the content of that website, waited a few months to apply again, and finally got approved.

My earnings in GBP were the highest so far, above 100 GBP. If I can get 100 GBP each month, that’s 1200 GBP, which is around the minimum gross salary in Great Britain, and rather acceptable, if you don’t live in London.

For the amount of effort involved, if I can generate 300 GBP per month from UK based affiliate networks, I would be glad.

Google Adsense:

I have been using Google Adsense for the past 8 years and I have managed to get a decent amount of money from it, however it’s not enough to cover my costs, I hope I can find a way to improve this somehow targeting high net worth audiences.

Unique Visitors: In the month of July I gathered roughly 500,000 unique visitors (AdSense views). Most of these views are from Youtube views.

Income Report July 2016:

Affiliate Marketing Income (Breakdown by currency):

USD: 590.87
GBP: 111.85 (149.24 usd)
EUR: 132.27 EUR (147.56 usd)
BRL: 137 (42 USD)
MYR: 1.51 (0.37 USD)

Total Affiliate Revenue: 930.04

Adsense Income USD: 185

Total Revenue: USD 1115


Article Writing: USD 40
YouTube Revenue Share: USD 92
Other Revenue Share: USD 21
Domain and hosting: USD 12

Total costs: USD 165

I had to renew one domain this month.

Total Income: USD 950

Compared to the previous month, when I have earned 794 dollars, I had an increase of 19% on my income, which is quite fantastic.

My plans for the next month is to upload even more content on the niches I already work with. I also want to make my travel niche website financially viable, uploading more content and create more affiliate links.

Other than that, I want Earn WP website to grow. A marketing website is really hard to rank as you will always have a very tough competition. Regardless of that, it is a good place to express my ideas on online marketing and SEO. I plan to sell ebooks and courses on Earn WP, as well as to give SEO consultancy.

That was it for the income report of August 2016. For the next month I expect growth, and any percentage will be very welcome.

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