Income Report January 2017

The Income Report January 2017 will show how much money I was able to make from affiliate marketing and my websites in the first months of this year

Let’s analyse the Income Report January 2017 edition to see how much one can make from the internet using WordPress and affiliate marketing.

I knew that January would perform worse than December. This is easily understood as December is one of the best months of the year for online sales. In January everything goes down in terms of internet marketing. CPC, visits, leads, conversions. It is just the natural flow of things. However, I was pretty satisfied with my January income, I thought that the decrease would be steeper compared to December.

Income Report December 2016:

Affiliate Marketing:

As mentioned above, January represents a significant downturn on online traffic and purchases, and that is reflected on the income figures for January 2017 for affiliate marketing.

However, I still managed to earn some decent money from various affiliates programs in January.

Adsense and Other Income:

From my experience, Adsense and other streams of income show a slow turn after December, but this year, the decrease was softer than before. My travel website has just increased, earning me almost 1 dollar a day in the month of January just from ads display.

Income Report November 2016:

Affiliate Marketing Income (Breakdown by currency):

USD: 591
GBP: 14 (11.32 GBP)
EUR: 162 (153 EUR)
BRL: 2 (6 BRL)
Asia: 21 USD

Total Affiliate Revenue: 790 USD

Adsense Income USD: 166

Total Revenue: USD 956


Article Writing: USD 50
YouTube Revenue Share: USD 83
Domain and hosting: USD 0

Total costs: USD 823

Total Income: USD 823

Not amazing, but considering it would be certainly less than December, its not too bad. February is also bound to be a weak month, especially because it has less days than the other months.

However, I am taking a lot of measures to improve my traffic, and I hope to beat the 100k mark of unique users for my websites in the following months

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