Income Report March 2017 – 678 USD

The Income Report march 2017 will show how much money I mad from affiliate marketing and my websites in the month of March 2017

Let’s analyse the Income Report March 2017 edition to see how much one can make from the internet using WordPress and affiliate marketing.

Firstly I thought that March would be a very disappointing month. One of my main sources of income downgraded its commissions, and I was not very helpful.

However, other ventures turned out better than I expected, so the overall result was not so bad as initially expected. It was also the first month in which this website had its first income.

Income Report March:

Affiliate Marketing:

March was definitely not amazing, but it is showing signs of improvement in affiliate marketing, I hope I can soon net above 1k USD every month from my websites.

Earn WP itself had its first commission this month so I am looking forward to see how much it can improve in the next months.

Adsense and Other Income:

Adsense keeps growing, and I am starting to think it can realistically net 500 USD per month somewhere in the near future.

Income Report March 2017:

Affiliate Marketing Income (Breakdown by currency):

USD: 430
GBP: 31 (25 GBP)
EUR: 72 (59 EUR)
BRL: 10 USD (30 BRL)
Asia: 30 USD

Total Affiliate Revenue: 568 USD

Adsense Income USD: 245

Total Revenue: USD 813


Article Writing: USD 30
YouTube Revenue Share: USD 110
Domain and hosting: USD 0

Total costs: USD 140

Total Income: USD 678

Not very impressive, that is below my minimum threshold of USD 750, that I sort of set to myself with affiliate marketing. Let’s hope that next month will be at least above that.

However, I am continue to take measures to improve my traffic, and I hope to beat the 100k mark of unique users for my websites in the following months. Traffic still continues to rise as of April, so I expect to improve my income as well

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