Income Report November 2016 USD 1.400,55

The beginning of the month is always marked by an analysis of my blogging revenue, and this time is the income report November 2016

The month of November is always full of great expectation for most bloggers, and there is one main reason behind that: Black Friday.

The Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is the best day for most affiliate marketers in the world, as most people, especially in the US, are in a buying mood. My blogging ventures were no exception and the past month marked a new record for my blogging income, with the very satisfying figure of XXX dollars this month.

Income Report November 2016:

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing was the best earner this month (again), however it performed slightly different than I expected. Most of the income I got were from networks focused on US customers, despite my relentless efforts to diversify my business model.

I got my first confirmed commission on my travel website as well, as another one not confirmed yet.

Adsense and Other Income:

Adsense also showed good improvement in November, namely on the travel website.

I managed to get some more cash for sponsored posts, but unfortunately the source for this already declined the need for more posts.

Income Report November 2016:

Affiliate Marketing Income (Breakdown by currency):

USD: 1196
GBP: 3.22
EUR: 70.86
BRL: 112
Asia: 5.8 USD

Total Affiliate Revenue: 1.312,55 USD

Adsense Income USD: 215

Sponsored Posts: 80 USD

Total Revenue: USD 1607


Article Writing: USD 100
YouTube Revenue Share: USD 107
Domain and hosting: USD 0

Total costs: USD 213

I had to renew one domain this month.

Total Income: USD 1.400,55

This was really a great month, but I hope I can quickly move away of my US based income, and increase diversification.

I have good hopes that my travel website will become the main one, but there are still a few issues to be solved in it.

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