Income Report October 2016 – 1051 USD

In today’s post I will analyze the monthly revenue and costs on this issue of the income report for the month of October 2016

Another month has passed and on this blog we can analyze the progress of my online income through affiliate marketing and blogging. It has been almost one year since I have started with affiliate marketing, and this niche of business has been a quite interesting one so far.

October showed a good improvement compared to the income reporter for September 2016. Even if I have not yet reached my goal as an affiliate marketer, but as the traffic increases, I have reasons to believe it will come in the next months.

Income Report October 2016:

Affiliate Marketing:

The income from Affiliate marketing advanced greatly on October. It has shown improvements not only in monetary terms but also in its diversification.

In October I have got the first commission for Earn wP, as well as the first commissions for my travel website. When I receive these, the 3 niches in which I operate will become profitable. I will probably not enter other niches so soon, as I want to develop these.

Adsense and Other Income:

In the month of October I have had my first income from sponsored posts, which added to Google Adsense to diversify my websites’ income:

Income Report October 2016:

Affiliate Marketing Income (Breakdown by currency):

USD: 725
GBP: 39
EUR: 219
Asia: 2.6 USD

Total Affiliate Revenue: 1008 USD

Adsense Income USD: 196

Sponsored Posts: 60 USD

Total Revenue: USD 1264


Article Writing: USD 70
YouTube Revenue Share: USD 93
Domain and hosting: USD 50

Total costs: USD 213

I had to renew one domain this month.

Total Income: USD 1051

That is the first time I can report an income above $ 1,000 and it makes me really happy. Next month (November) I will complete one year with affiliate marketing, and the results have been impressive.

My travel website has reached 100 visitors per day, which means I will invest more in it. Apparently it will be a good way to diversify my income. The traffic on is still very low, but if nothing else, it is a good tool for me to analyze my business strategies. The website itself is getting 3-4 visitors per day at the moment.

For the next month, I plan to keep myself above the 1000 USD mark. There will be also the Black Friday, which is always good in terms of online sales. See you there!

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