Income Report September 2016 – $ 826

In today’s post I will analyze the revenues generated by my website ventures, and do a full income report for the month of September 2016

Another month goes by and we have the figures for the September 2016 income. Before I used to do my income report directly on my niche sites, but it was quite confusing as they would often have absolutely nothing related with the niche on the website. Now on Earn WP, as the niche here is online marketing, a transparent income report is probably useful for everyone willing to start earning online.

September performed slightly below August, and this trend was confirmed in almost all my website ventures, and even with some friends who work in online business. I think after coming back from Summer vacations people tend to save a bit, especially since the holidays are coming in a few months and its when spending is at its highest point.

Income Report August 2016:

Affiliate Marketing:

I kept applying for new affiliate market programs that I think can be profitable on my niches, with an approval rate of around 70%. Even if the global number of views and clicks improved in September, there were less purchases.

Most of my affiliate programs generated less income in September than in August, with a few exceptions to the Lazada affiliate program, my affiliate network in Brazil and some 1-2 programs from Europe.

My travel website got more affiliate clicks this month and I hope it will soon become profitable, as I spend some 40-50$ per month hiring writers to generate its content. I still spend a lot of time on it, as once the content is generated I have to make it SEO and affiliate friendly.

Google Adsense:

Adsense was one of the few endeavours that showed an advance this month, both in terms of total views (540,000) and income.

Income Report September 2016:

Affiliate Marketing Income (Breakdown by currency):

USD: 480
GBP: 49.41 (64 usd)
EUR: 123.5 EUR (138.8 usd)
BRL: 254.48 (78 USD)
Asia: 50.05 USD

Total Affiliate Revenue: 810.8

Adsense Income USD: 195

Total Revenue: USD 1006


Article Writing: USD 50
YouTube Revenue Share: USD 92
Other Revenue Share: USD 38
Domain and hosting: USD 0

Total costs: USD 180

I had to renew one domain this month.

Total Income: USD 826

Compared to the previous month, when I have earned 950 dollars, there was a considerable decrease, but still better than 2 months ago. I hope this month will be better.

For the month of October I will try to develop Earn WP website better, as its getting something around 2 unique views per day. For my travel website, I expect I can beat 100 users a day at least one day.

The bulk of my income is still highly dependable on hardware affiliates, and I hope to diversify it with Earn WP and my travel website. I plan to implement Adsense soon on the travel website and make it break even at least in the coming months.

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