IndaCoin Review – Bitcoin Exchange Legit or Scam?

IndaCoin Review: Let’s analyze the main advantages of buying and selling Bitcoin with credit and debit card in this exchange platform

This IndaCoin review will show why this exchange is one of the easiest to buy and sell bitcoins online. It has low verification requirements, however, the fees are not the lowest.

indacoin review

IndaCoin is a good option for anyone willing to buy Bitcoin an Ethereum in a hassle free experience. But is it worth it? Let’s analyze all the main aspects using this exchange below.

IndaCoin Overview

IndaCoin was founded in 2013 and is a cryptocurrency exchange based in London, United Kingdom. The company firstly started as a bitcoin exchange but now also offers the possibility of buying other digital currencies, like Ethereum and Litecoin.

Since most exchanges require a lot of verification documents, IndaCoin is one of the best options for anyone willing to Bitcoin and other digital currencies with low verification requirements.

In this IndaCoin review we will cover all the main aspects regarding this exchange, including its positive and negative aspects

IndaCoin – Payment Methods

When you are choosing a Bitcoin exchange, one of the most important factors is the payment options that the company accept. While some users prefer using a bank account, others prefer using credit cards. In many cases, your options are limited depending on your country of residence.

IndaCoin works only with credit and debit cards as a payment method. You can use most credit and debit cards issued by MasterCard or Visa to buy Bitcoins on IndaCoin.

Currently, IndaCoin accepts payments made in Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD) for the purchase of Bitcoins.

Click here to open an account at IndaCoin.

IndaCoin – Fees

Another of the key aspects of buying bitcoin or any other digital currencies are the fees involved in the transaction. One has to be extremely careful to understand how an exchange fee structure and the bitcoin price you will be paying for.

You can deposit and withdraw bitcoins on IndaCoin with 0% fees, which is certainly a good factor. However, most buyers are interested in knowing the fees for using credit and debit cards.

The fees for buying Bitcoins at IndaCoin with credit or debit cards are of 4%. This rate is comparable to many other exchanges selling bitcoins with credit or debit cards. Below we have the IndaCoin fee structure:

indacoin fees

IndaCoin – Other Cryptocurrencies

I have found this rather confusing at IndaCoin, and contact their support to clarify this situation. At the time of this article writing, IndaCoin only sells bitcoins. However, from their website it seems pretty clear that they will be anytime soon workig with Ethereum and Litecoin.

IndaCoin also told me that you can exchange other currencies once you have bought bitcoins at their partner website Changelly.

Click here to buy Bitcoin at IndaCoin.

IndaCoin – Card Verification

If you are concern with identify theft, most bitcoin deposit methods should be considered carefully, as they usually require different verification methods.

One of the main advantages of buying bitcois at IndaCoin is their verification system. While most digital currency exchanges require you to send a Photo ID, a selfie and also a proof of residency, IndaCoin does not require none of this documents.

The verification process at IndaCoin is done directly with your card, not requiring any photos or scans. To verify your card you will need to check your bank card statement for the 3 digits next to your IndaCoin payment. You will also receive a call with a code to verify your card.

That is everything you need to verify your card at IndaCoin. Then, there are some limits, which are lifted as you purchase more bitcoins from IndaCoin.

How to Open an Account at IndaCoin

IndaCoin account opening process is one of the easiest in the bitcoin exchange market. Since its verification process is simpler than most exchanges, IndaCoin is also one of the fastest ways to buy bitcoin.

All you will need to open an account and get Bitcoins at IndaCoin is an email, a telephone number a credit or debit card. You can even buy bitcoins from bitcoin without opening an account, but I recommend opening an account to track your transaction more safely.

Click here to open an account at IndaCoin

IndaCoin – Support

IndaCoin support is definitely a strong point on their services as a bitcoin exchange. They have a support email, a telephone number, a live chat and a ticket system.

From my experience they reply pretty quickly, which is certainly important, especially if you are planning to buy a lot of Bitcoins.

indacoin support

IndaCoin Pros

  • Fast registration.
  • Simplified verification process.
  • Available for most countries to buy bitcoins with credit card.

IndaCoin Cons

  • Bank deposit or withdrawals are not possible.
  • Currently only available for Bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin prices are considerably higher than in other exchanges

IndaCoin Verdict – Legit or Scam?

After analyzing our IndaCoin review we can arrive at a conclusion about this exchange. IndaCoin is certainly a legit company, registered in the UK and with an overall good reputation as a bitcoin exchange. It is certainly not a scam.

However, IndaCoin bitcoin prices are slightly above the market, and you should consider this before making a purchase. Their verification process is among the simplest in all bitcoin exchanges, and it might be a good idea if you want to get bitcoins quickly without sending documents to the exchange.

IndaCoin – Alternatives

If you considering trading bitcoins but would like to check other alternatives, this list below is just what you need.


LocalBitcoins is the largest peer to peer bitcoin trading website. In local bitcoins you buy and sell bitcoins to users from your country or region. This results in cheaper transaction fees in most cases. The disadvantage is that you can’t use a credit card to buy on Localbitcoins.

Click here to check how to buy bitcoins at Localbitcoins


CEX.IO is one of the biggest digital currency exchanges, based in Europe. You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum at CEX.IO using credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfers.

Click here to check how to buy bitcoins at CEX.IO


Coinmama is among the biggest digital currency exchanges. It is a great exchange for buying crypto currencies with credit card. You can also buy Ethereum and Litecoin on Coinmama.

Click here to check how to buy bitcoins at Coinmama


Coinbase is the largest bitcoin exchange in the world. It has a simple system to buy and sell bitcoins and you can also use a credit card, just like in CEX.IO. The disadvantage of Coinbase is that it is available for much less countries than CEX.IO.

Click here to check how to buy bitcoins at Coinbase


HitBTC is another exchange to be considered when you are looking for digital currencies. The biggest advantage of HitBTC is that it has a very wide range of cryptocurrencies to buy and trade. HitBTC offers the mainstream currrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but also less known currencies with great potential for growth.

Click here to check how to buy digital currencies at HitBTC

Did you like this IndaCoin review? Have you used IndaCoin before? Leave a comment below telling your experience.

Description: IndaCoin Review: Let’s analyze the main advantages of buying and selling Bitcoin with credit and debit card in this exchange platform

Rating: 3.9 out of 5

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