Is Bluehost a Good Hosting?

Is Bluehost a Good Hosting? In this post we will review Bluehost hosting plans, offers and services for online entrepreneurs

To answer the question “Is Bluehost a Good Hosting?” we have to analyze a number of aspects for this hosting providers. That includes its uptime, server speed, hosting plans prices, customer support and other points. Let’s learn below if Bluehost is really a one of the best hosting companies currently available.

is bluehost a good hosting plan

Bluehost is one of the leading hosting providers for bloggers and entrepreneurs. They offer a range of services that can make anyone create an online startup without investing too much. Many bloggers consider Bluehost a good hosting provider, from people starting on online business but as well for established business. A thorough analysis of its services will help us to understand the highlights of this hosting company.

But, Is Bluehost good? This post will analyze all the aspects that make of a hosting company a reliable partner for online entrepreneurs. This includes support, uptime, security, and other factors.

Company History

Matt Heaton, the founder of Bluehost, started its first hosting ventures back in 1996. Initially he worked with the and domains and eventually opted for the Bluehost brand in 2003.

In 2010, Bluehost was acquired by Endurance International, company which also owns a few other hosting providers. Bluehost is based out of Provo, Utah and has a few sister companies. The most well known among then is probably iPage.

Currently Bluehost is one of the main players in the hosting market, with nearly 2 milion domains hosted (combined number for Bluehost and its sister companies).

Bluehost offers shared hosting plans as well as VPS and dedicated servers.

How to Buy a Hosting Plan on Bluehost

You can click here to buy a hosting plan on Bluehost  The purchasing process is pretty straight forward and once completed you can already start hosting your websites.

Payment Methods

Bluehost accepts all main credit and debit cards, PayPal, checks and money orders. For checks and money orders, only US funds apply.

Once the payment is processed you can already access your hosting dashboard and CPanel. Sometimes you may have to wait for a bit for DNS propagation, but that takes the same amount of time for every hosting company.

Bluehost Plans

Bluehost main services include: shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. The company also has some WordPress hosting plans and is one of the few hosting companies to offer WooCommerce hosting plans.

Even if Bluehost is one of the biggest hosting providers in the world, some of its services are quite new. According to Wikipedia, they stared offering VPS and dedicated hosting in 2013.

Below we will give a brief overview on some of the most popular Bluehost plans.

You can check all Bluehost plans here.

Shared Hosting

Bluehost certainly invests a lot to make its shared plans some of the most competitive on the hosting market. Shared plans are ideally for people willing to start their first “serious” web endeavor. They are often sold together with a domain registration and bluehost has some quite good offers involving shared plans and domains.

Is Bluehost a Good Hosting For Shared Plans? Let’s analyze its shared plans below.

Basic Hosting Plan

The Basic Hosting Plan is the cheapest and shortest way for you to start your online business. It is ideal for someone who wants to run just one website, with one domain, and don’t need a lot of space. However, this plan as a few limitations.

The most relevant limitations of the basic hosting plan are the fact that you can only run one website in it and the limited storage space. The storage space is up to 50 GB in this plan.

If you have an affiliate marketing blog or a small online shop, that is certainly more than enough. However, if you plan to launch something bigger, or more than one website, you should consider the Plus Hosting Plan.

Plus Hosting Plan

If you are a blogger and affiliate marketer looking to answer the question: “Is Bluehost a good hosting service?” the Plus Hosting Plan is probably the answer you need.

The Plus Hosting Plan is the most popular in Bluehost and meets the requirements of most online entrepreneurs. In fact there are very few limitations for those using the Plus Hosting Plan. The number of websites is unlimited, and many important aspects like bandwidth and website space are unmetered.

Prime Hosting Plan

Bluehost also offers the Prime Hosting Plan as an option for users looking for a reliable shared hosting service. It has very similar specs as the Plus Hosting Plan with a few more perks such as domain privacy, SiteBack Pro and many extras.

Finally, you can also Go Pro and for a few dollars more per month, you can also get a dedicated IP and SSL certificate. These factors improve the credibility of your website and also its SEO.

WordPress Hosting


The WordPress optimized hosting plans in Bluehost are a bit different than most companies offering these services. The main difference lies on the fact that the most basic plan has a much greater capacity than its competition in terms of disk space and monthly traffic.

On the other hand, Bluehost WordPress plans are also more expensive. The cheapest one starts at $ 19.99 per month. As a comparison, it can handle up to 100 milion visits a month, when the competition normally offers traffic to up to 50.000 visits for the basic WordPress hosting packages.

VPS Hosting

Bluehost VPS plans are mostly oriented for someone who needs a more independent solution than what shared plans offer. The cheapest package starts at $14.99 and offers 2 CPU cores of speed and 30 GB of storage. However it is limited to only 1 domain on this plan.

Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost offers dedicated hosting plans, which I recommend for those with specific needs, or well established websites. Prices start form $79.99 per month, but the main advantage is having total control of your server features and solutions.


The company offers one of the best support solutions among all hosting providers. I especially like the Bluehost chat, which usually is pretty fast without queuing too much. If you need to contact Bluehost via phone, they have specific numbers for different sectors, which definitely saves time you would probably be on hold until redirected to the correct department.


Bluehost server speeds are up to the fastest solutions in the hosting industries. If your main audience is US based, you will have the advantage of US based servers. In most cases, even if you focus on international traffic, you can count on Bluehost to deliver data pretty fast.

We have made a server response analysis to determine how fast Bluehost servers are. Using the website Site24x7 we have pinged a website using Bluehost shared plans (based on a US server), and analyzed its data. Here are the results below:


As we can see, Bluehost has a pretty fast server response. Considering that the site analyzed is based on a US server, the response time was the fastest in locations geographically closer to its location, in California and Canada.

Bluehost however manages to deliver fast ping responses for all locations tested. The average response time from different locations is of 175ms, which I consider pretty decent.

One can say server response times can differ, depending on the time, and the server locatios. That is in fact true. I have tested the website hosted on Bluehost shared plan in different times and from different server locations. The results were pretty similar of those above in virtually all scenarios.

If you are interested in server speeds, you can check our post on the fastest WordPress hosting companies.

Price comparison

Is Bluehost a good hosting when it comes to pricing? Here is a small comparison between the Bluehost plus shared plan and similar plans offered by other hosting companies:


If you want to check other options, check our post on the best hosting companies reviewed.

Free Domain

Bluehost offers a free domain while you sign up for a hosting account. Although this a nice advantage, you shouldn’t base your decision only on this, as domains are quite inexpensive.

If you are have a domain name, I recommend you to still get a free domain while signing with Bluehost, as its another asset you may use in the future.

Best Bluehost Plan for Startups

For newcomers in the online business, I would definitely recommend a shared plan by Bluehost. Among the shared offers, I would select the Plus over the Basic, as it has much less limitations and will be enough for most types of new online entrepreneurship projects.

You can check all Bluehost plans here.

Is Bluehost Good? Verdict

The company’s marketing campaign and the fact that many online entrepreneurs consider Bluehost a good hosting company are extremely favorable to the company’s reputation. After this analysis we can in fact determine that Bluehost is indeed providing one of the best hosting services, especially among the big ones on the market.

Bluehost is one of the biggest hosting plans and its structure translates in quality hosting services. Bluehost delivers reliable data for millions of websites in almost every niche.

So is Bluehost a good hosting company? Definitely. Is Bluehost the best hosting company? It will depend on your website needs and aspirations.

I am pretty certain that if you want to start a blog or an online shop, Bluehost is one of the best choices to have a hassle free hosting experience.

Description: Is Bluehost a Good Hosting? In this post we will review Bluehost hosting plans, offers and services for online entrepreneurs

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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