Lazada Affiliate Program Review

Lazada Affiliate Program allows you to monetize your blog if you have Southeast Asian traffic, check the review below to learn more about the traffic

On this post we will talk about the Lazada Affiliate Program. but before getting to that, let’s check how important Lazada is and where it is present.


Lazada has its headquarters in Singapore and was founded by the German company Rocket internet. It is one of the most present retail marketplaces in Southeast Asia being strongly present in countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Others.

You can find different types of products in Lazada, as it has a similar business model like Aliexpress or Ebay. Regardless of your blog topic, you will probably find products to promote from Lazada.

How does Lazada Affiliate Program work?

Just like most programs, the Lazada Affiliate Program is cookie based. Lazada affiliate cookie duration is of 30 days, which is quite excellent, and way above the average. It means that if a user clicks on your Lazada link, it will generate commissions for his purchases. The cookies use the last-click basis policy, which is also quite common in the industry.

The Lazada commissions range usually from 4% to 10%, depending on the type of the item. That is considerably above the commissions average for retail of physical products.

Payment are made via bank transfer once a month, but all transactions go through a validation process (usually 30 days). That’s unfortunately a reality in virtually all affiliate programs, due to the risk of products being returned or not paid.

But, How Much Money Can You Make with Lazada Affiliates?

That depends. As a publisher of any affiliate program, you will need a lot of traffic to generate a sizeable number of sales. The advantage of Lazada is that their cookie duration is long, and commissions are high. You should go for expensive products, which will have a bigger commission, or cheaper products, that are sold frequently. This way you will be able to earn a decent amount of income from Lazada affiliate program.

Once you make a sale on Lazada affiliate program, it will show as “pending”, and after a validation process of up to 30 days, it will be approved. Once approved, you will get your money via bank transfer in no more than 30 days.

Update: Currently Lazada is paying me monthly, and I am very satisfied with their services. They pay me via wire transfer and the payment always arrives quickly.

If you are a Lazada affiliate publisher and want to share your experience, leave a comment below!

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