Online Business With Minimum Investment – 6 Ideas

Start an online business with minimum investment today after you will read these great business ideas to work online with low or even zero investment

Looking to start an online business with minimum investment? Below we have a list of 6 great ideas that any one can use to start an online business with low investment right now.

online business with minimum investment

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is an online business with minimum investment that anyone can try. In dropshipping, you basically advertise products that are not in your inventory. When a product sells, you contact and pay the supplier to ship it directly to the buyer.

I have been working with dropshipping for many years (and I still do). Even if it didn’t make me rich, it was a pretty easy way to start an online business with zero investment.

You can read our dropshipping with WordPress guide here if you are interested.

Pros of Dropshipping

– No inventory, everything done online.
– You can try it in any possible niche.

Cons of Dropshipping

– You will probably need to invest a bit in marketing, to get the initial traffic.
– You will need a reliable supplier.

Start a Blog or Content Website

Starting a blog or a content website is one the easiest and more stress free ways to get an online business with low investment running. You can start a blog or content site instantly and in any niche. You need to get hosting for an international company like Bluehost and HostGator, and a domain name. Once done, you can start writing content for your website.

You can combine many ways to earn money from a blog or website. Some of them are: Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling your services, sponsored posts and many others.

It is important to stress on the fact that a blog doesn’t have to be personal, it can be just a content website. You don’t need to write about your personal life, just write about content that users search on Google.

Pros of Starting a Blog

– Easy setup, no coding skills. It can be about anything.
– There are many income channels you can implement on your content website.

Cons of Starting a Blog

– It takes some time Google ranks your website, and you will need quality posts.
– Writing is time consuming.

Flipping Websites

“Flipping” websites is one of the most interesting online businesses with low investment you can work with. Basically it involves buying or starting a website, to sell it later, when it is already established.

I am quite interested in this type of business, however to get started in this you will need time. Firstly, you can start a website let it grow and age, and then sell it. Then you can move on to create or buy other websites, to improve them and sell them at a higher price.

The best well known website for flipping websites is Flippa.

Pros of Flipping Websites

– You can set a reserve website when you auction your website.
– You can buy and sell websites in all price ranges.

Cons of Starting a Blog

– It takes time to have a good portfolio of websites.
– Writing is time consuming.


YouTube is also one of the easiest ways to start an online business with minimum investment. However you may ask yourself: how to become an YouTube star?

In fact, you don’t need to become a YouTube star to earn some decent money on the platform. You can start a tutorials channel in almost every niche possible, from gaming to meditation. These type of channels have a low production cost (sometimes even no costs) and attract a good traffic.

On YouTube you will start earning money with AdSense. As your channel grows bigger and depending on the niche, many companies are likely to approach you to promote their services or products.

I have personally used this method to earn money and it has been quite profitable for the past years.

Pros of Earning on YouTube

– No initial investment (or very low)
– Reliable payments

Cons of Earning on YouTube

– It will probably take some months until your channel has a decent amount of viewers
– Income varies a lot depending on the niche and language of your channel

Selling Digital Goods

Selling digital goods is also a great way to earn money. One of its main advantages is that its an online business with minimum investment, and anyone can run it.

There are many types of digital goods that can be sold, but you need some sort of skills to be able to scale this business. Below I will give three examples of digital goods that you can sell, and who you should target:


Probably the most popular type of digital goods you can sell are related to learning. You can easily write an ebook or prepare a course on a subject that you master, and put it for sale.

You can sell it on your own website but also in marketplaces. Udemy is one of the biggest ones selling online courses currently.


Selling music is quite popular nowadays, as many corporate and YouTube clients need royalty music for their videos. Just like ebooks and courses, you can promote your royalty free music on your own website or in many of the marketplaces.

My favorite marketplace for buying and selling music is Pond5.

Selling Videos

You will be astonished on how much can be made by selling videos. There are many types of videos to be sold, including drone footage, or rendered intros. In one way or another, if you like filming or video production, its a good way to earn money, since you can produce a lot of content relatively quickly.

Pros of Selling Digital Goods

– No initial investment (or very low)
– You can diversify your product portfolio and there are many channels to push it.

Cons of Selling Digital Goods

– You need to deliver high quality content to be able to make a lot of sales
– It will probably take a while until you test what sells good, and produce a lot of content for this niche.

SEO and Writing

This is also an option you can consider as an online business with minimum investment. Offerin SEO and writing service is free and you can do it in many forums or freelancing websites. There is a lot of demand for written content in any niche, and some of them are extremely well paid.

Even if your writing skills are not that good, you can easily improve them using the Yoast WordPress plugin.

Pros of SEO and Writing

– Zero initial investment.
– As you grow you can hire people to do most of the work for you.

Cons of SEO and Writing

– You will probably need to work as a freelancer in the beginning.
– Requires a good command of the English language (or other well paid languages like Japanese and German).

Those were some ideas for online business with minimum investment. There are certainly more much ideas and you can also combine them to maximize your income.

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