How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam with 5 Best Free Plugins

If you have a WordPress site you know how annoying spam bots are. To stop them, check this list of the 5 best free WordPress comment spam filter plugins

How  to stop WordPress comment spam? If you have a WordPress site, you know how annoying this can be. Check below our list of 5 easy plugins to stop WordPress comment spam today.

stop wordpress comment spam

Dealing with spam is something that all WordPress users have to, from the very moment they start a new site. Spam bots are not only getting smarter, but they are extremely numerous, and constantly mutating to bypass security measures.

Why Are There Spam Bots on WordPress?

There are a few reasons that drive spam bots to exploit WordPress comments. One of the reasons is to purely advertise services or products of dubious legality, that cannot be sold in usual marketplaces. There are also spam bots for phising sites, created to steal users’ data once they fill form on these site. Another reason behind WordPress comment spam are backlinks.

Backlinks to a website usually hep how the site ranks on Google, therefore it is of much interest to get link to a site everywhere. Even if most WordPress comments are nofollow, they still have some influence on backlinks.

How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam

Luckily for us WordPress users, there a number of reliable plugins able to stop and block most of spam comments, so let’s check the 5 best free wordpress comment spam filter plugins.

1 – Akismet

Akismet is probably one of the most famous WordPress plugins, and it currently has the incredible mark of over 1 million installs. Akismet is extremely reliable and my experience with it indicates that it is the most effective way to prevent comment spam in any of your sites.

However, there is one important downside related to Akismet. The free version is only for non-commercial use. Since most of us have commercial intentions on our WordPress websites, it can be quite pricy if you want the best license, which allows you to use it on multiple sites.

Check more and download this plugin here.

2 – Math Captcha

The Math Captcha plugin by dfactory is a simple solution for those looking for an entirely free WordPress comment spam blocker which is easy to set up.

It introduces simple math questions at the end of the comment form and only validates the right answer. As you have to guess random numbers in random parts of each math operation, only the most advanced spam bots are able to bypass it.

Check more and download this plugin here.

3 – WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

This is another excellent option for preventing your WordPress website to be plagued by spam. It uses a combination of system to wipe out spam comments from bots and also from humans.

It uses two layers of protection filtering most spammers on the first layer, and the reminiscent on the second layer. The first layer uses a combination of cookies and JavaScript that almost no spambot can bypass. The second layer is based on an algorithm that filters not only bots but also human spammy comments.

Check more and download this plugin here.

4 – WordPress Zero Spam

The WordPress Zero Spam is one of the most well-known comment spam blocker plugin currently available. It doesn’t use captchas and claims to filter 99.9% of the spammy comments.

It is also compatible with a lot of popular WordPress plugins like BuddyPress and Gravity Form. This is important as it can be quite frustrating to have a good spam blocking plugin that is not compatible with the features of your website.

Check more and download this plugin here.

5 – Antispam Bee

This entirely free WordPress comment spam blocker is one of the best tools to stop the influx of spam to your website. It involves a number of patterns like blacklisted ips(from your private and a public list) and trusts user that have Gravatar. Antispam Bee also displays spam statistics and many other tools.

It is really quite surprising that this plugin is entirely free. It can be used not only for WordPress comment spam but also other types of spam that might affect your usage.

Check more and download this plugin here.

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