WordPress or Wix: Which is Better for Your Website?

On today’s post we will analyze two well-known options for anyone willing to start a new website: WordPress or Wix?

Let’s check below whether you should choose WordPress or Wix, two of the most popular platforms for creating websites.

wordpress or wix

When most people start browsing around the web to find a web solution to create their website in a easy, fast and cheap way, WordPress and Wix are one of the two options available. However, we when choosing between those two, you may find yourself puzzled. Let’s find what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.

WordPress and WordPress.com

Before we get right to the point, we must understand the differences between WordPress and WordPress.com. While WordPress is an open source content management system, which can be hosted in different hosting providers, WordPress.com itself is a company providing hosting services. Therefore, if you choose WordPress to develop your site, you can host it pretty much everywhere, while Wix mostly refers to the platform available on Wix.com.

WordPress Overview

WordPress is a content management system that requires no introductions. Most blogs use it, you can set up pretty complex websites as there are thousands of plugins to enhance your website. You can easily create a community like website, or run a complex ecommerce using WordPress, and mostly its free plugins.

However, if you choose WordPress, I strongly recommend buying a hosting package and a domain to start your website. You can in fact use WordPress.com to run a free WordPress website, but unfortunately it has many limitations that may hurt the potential income you can earn from it. While using the free WordPress.com hosting you can’t use affiliate links, but you go for the paid version they offer, you are free to do with your own domain.

Wix Overview

On Wix.com you create HTML5 websites using very intuitive drag and drop tools. In my opinion this renders Wix.com easier to handle if you have no previous experience building websites. Wix.com also offers a free website hosting option, but it has also limitations. For brand identity reasons, I always recommend buying a domain, regardless of the type of technology you use for your wesbite.

What to Choose: WordPress or Wix?

Without getting into too much detail, in my personal opinion WordPress is ideal for some kinds of websites, and Wix for others.

I would recommend WordPress if you want to build an interactive site with complex features. In websites where your client can perform some types of actions, WordPress will probably allow you to customize it to meet the exact requirements you want, to obtain the maximum number of conversions on your website.

Example of websites in which WordPress is probably a good option: sites that have booking systems, ecommerce websites, sites with paid membership, commercial blogs.

I would recommend Wix if you want to build a simple site in an intuitive way, and without having to study much how to make it things work in a specific way.

Example of websites in which Wix is probably a good option: coffee Shop and restaurant websites, personal blogs, fashion blogs, travel reports websites.

Of course, it will be actually down to your personal preferences, and, as you can try both options on their free versions, I strongly recommend you to do so, in order to find out what is better for your preferences and website niche.

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